There is an old saying in Israel: “In Jerusalem, people pray, in Haifa work and if you are looking for entertainment then go to Tel Aviv.” So, on this page, we will go over some of those entertainment options.

Let’s start with a map of attractions:

Attractions In Tel Aviv

  • Azrieli is probably the most recognizable complex in Tel-Aviv’s skyline. In this post, we will be photographing next to Azrieli and then take an elevator to Azrieli Observatory, highest observatory in the Middle East.
  • Russian Orthodox Church in Abu Kabir is located in Abu Kabir neighborhood, Southern Part of Tel Aviv. Next to Ofer Cohen and Levanon streets.
  • Sarona was a German Templer colony which is now a restored neighborhood with various attractions.
  • Ariel Sharon Park, AKA Hiriya, is a former waste dump that was converted to Ecological Park.
  • Sunset at Science Walkway next to Tel Aviv University is quite short, but despite that, it offers several nice viewpoints of the city.
  • Tel Aviv Promenade is a nice place for a walk, different sports activities or hanging out with kids.


There are many markets in Tel Aviv. I have divided them into two categories. The first one is the “old” Markets In Tel Aviv. These markets exist for many years and they are Carmel Market, Nachlat Binyamin Market, HaTikva Market, and Levinsky Market.

And there are also “new” markets. I refer to markets that were created in recent years. Like: Sarona Market, The Port Market, North Market, and Rothschild Allenby Market. You can find out more at New Markets Of Tel Aviv.

Attractions In Jaffa

  • A Day In Jaffa – during this whole day visit, we will be at Jaffa most popular tourist attractions. For example St. Peter’s Church, Zodiac Fountain, Yemenite Art Center, Ramses Gate, Jaffa Alleys, and of course the port.
  • Did you know that different events are taking place in Jaffa port? Join us for a walk in Jaffa on a Friday Morning to find out more.
  • Do you know where the “Flea Market” comes from? The answer to this question you can find in Jaffa Flea Market post.

Exhibitions, Events, And Concerts

  • Researchers’ Night is an annual science festival held in research and scientific institutions since 2007. Join us for a visit to Researchers’ Night.
  • Automotor is an annual car exhibition that’s held in Tel Aviv Convention Center, usually during Passover vacation. Automotor 2013 was special since, beyond regular cars, there were different cars from movies including the Batmobile.
  • Join us for a Yanni World Tour concert.
  • Book Week is an annual event that occurs at the beginning of June. During this happening, you can buy discounted books and enjoy other events as well.
  • Here Come The Dinosaurs is an exhibition that was held on the roof of Azrieli back in 2014. And since then, it returns at different places in Israel.
  • Each Purim there are celebrations in different cities in Israel. Check out Purim Celebrations at Tel Aviv Port.
  • Eretz Israel Museum holds different exhibitions. Here are two of them: The Dancing Machine at Eretz Israel Museum (you can find here information not only about the exhibition but about Eretz Israel Museum as well) and Ice Age and Dinosaurs – The Exhibition.
  • The Monsters Garden Exhibition tells the story of different monsters in a funny manner.
  • Snow Park at the port is a new fun and cool experience.

Tel Aviv Walks Series

My wife and I started a new tradition. Usually on Friday mornings, when we have the morning to ourselves, we are exploring the streets of Tel Aviv. I called this series “Tel Aviv Walks” and here are the walks:

  1. Allenby Street
  2. Neve Tzedek
  3. Dizengoff
  4. Yarkon River
  5. City Center
  6. Sarona Market
  7. Bialik Street
  8. The Heart of Tel Aviv
  9. Rothschild Allenby Market
  10. TLV Fashion Mall
  11. White Night In Tel Aviv
  12. Graffiti At Florentin


View from Tel Aviv University, Israel
View from Tel Aviv University, Israel

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