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Sarona Market, Tel Aviv – Visitors Guide

Sarona Market is the largest indoor food market in Israel. You can find there about ninety stores, kiosks, and restaurants.


Sarona Market is situated on Aluf Kalman Magen Street 3, Tel Aviv. That is about a five to ten-minute walk from the Azrieli Center.

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Interactive map of the area:


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And here is a map of Sarona. The market is located on the ground floor beneath the three skyscrapers. And it has four entrances – two on the sides and two on the front.

Sarona Map
Sarona Map

Note: you can click on the map to enlarge it.


If you are using public transport, then a variety of buses reach this area. Also, the Azrieli train station is within a ten-minute walk. Here is already a preset link to Moovit. Just enter your starting point, and you will get the updated directions.

And if you are driving, then you will need to find parking.


There are several paid parking lots in the area. I usually prefer to park at the Azrieli Center due to the easy access from the Ayalon highway. And walk the rest of the way.

Currently, you can find a parking offer at the official site (only in Hebrew). The offer is a one-time entrance for 15 NIS to the Millennium parking lot (at HaArba’a Street 17). This offer is not valid on weekdays after 17:00.

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 10:00 – 20:00
Friday: 09:00 – 16:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00

Source: official site


At the indoor market, you can find food-related stores, whether these are stores that sell fruits and vegetables, spices, fish, or kitchen appliances. And if you are looking for another category of stores (monthly clothing stores), you can find them near the market in the Sarona neighborhood (see the tiny houses on the map above).


Over the years, I visited the Sarona market about a dozen times. And I dined at different restaurants. Some places, like this lovely Georgian restaurant, are no longer there.

Khachapuri at Georgian restaurant in Sarona
Khachapuri at Georgian restaurant in Sarona

Side note: If you wonder what Khachapuri is, it is a traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread. The simplest Khachapuri is like a pizza with cheese on the top and inside.

And other places, like Rachel’s Shpachtel, were opened.

Rachel's Shpachtel
Rachel’s Shpachtel

From our experience, all the places (Segev, Fauchon, Soft, Rachel’s Shpachtel, and others) were tasty. However, I suggest using your favorite app and choosing according to your kitchen type preferences and the current rating.

Note: you can find a list of all restaurants here.


You can find toilets near the western front entrance.

At Sarona Market

We were passing through the Sarona neighborhood towards the market.

Sarona neighborhood
Sarona neighborhood

In the neighborhood, you can mostly find restaurants and clothing stores. For additional info, see Sarona neighborhood.

One of the entrances to Sarona Market
One of the entrances to Sarona Market

Sarona Market is a one-floor market beneath the three towers. The market mainly specializes in food, but you can also find books and office supplies.

Wine Card? Why Not

On one of our visits, we stumbled upon a unique place. Something that I have not seen in Israel yet.

Sarona Market in Tel Aviv

That is a wine shop. But not the regular type. It allows you to buy a glass of wine. The system is that you buy a card that will enable you to buy X glasses of wine. And each time you pass the store, you can select one of the wines, enter your card and select whether you want a full glass or a half glass.

Note: this store was already closed.


Fauchon is a French gourmet food and delicatessen company. And when Sarona Market opened, they inaugurated its first store in Israel there.


Fauchon is famous for its macaroons. And at the market, they are mainly selling sweets.

Fauchon stand
Fauchon stand

Update: in August 2017, Fauchon officials said they would close the big store at Sarona, and only a small stand will remain. They will also stop preparing the food themselves and outsource it. And in 2023, you can not find anything bearing the name Fauchon.

If you love spices, then check out my guide about Levinsky Market. And if you want a broader look, including a list of the Most Popular Herbs And Spices, check out Herbs And Spices.

As part of the tasty things for ten NIS initiative, many stores offer small snacks. Not only bakeries but other stores as well. You can find different tapas and finger food with fish, meat, and cheese.


You can find a branch of The Halva Kingdom at the Sarona market. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will probably know them from Mahane Yehuda.

Overall, the stores in Sarona Market can be roughly divided into three categories. About 40% are food stores, 40% are restaurants, and 20% are the rest.

Note for photographers: on one occasion, when I visited Sarona Market, security saw my DSLR and asked me not to photograph inside. That happened once out of about a dozen times.

Sarona Market in Tel Aviv
Fish boutique

In the photo above, you can see Israel Aharoni, a celebrity chef who also had a restaurant at Sarona Market. Hiro restaurant chain did not withstand Coronavirus.

Croissants at Sarona Market in Tel Aviv

Most of our visits were on Friday mornings. Thus you can see many people. On weekdays Sarona is less crowded.

About Sarona Market

Here is a quote from the official site:

Did you know? Sharona Market is the largest and most unique indoor food market in Israel!

How big and unique is it? In an area of ​​8,700 square meters, you will find about 90 shops, stalls, and restaurants in all categories. A combination of a groundbreaking world, old and new, in the culinary field.

Sharona Market places emphasis on gourmet and end products that you can only find there!

Cheeses imported from all over the world, fine balsamic vinegar from Italy, fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, French champagne, and spices from the Far East. And of course, it is impossible without the country’s local produce – fruits and vegetables, lambs and veals from the Golan Heights, fresh fish from the Mediterranean, local wines and foreign produce, boutique beers, chocolates, handmade pastries, and many more delicious surprises. Culinary paradise at its best.

So, where does Sharona Market get all this successful inspiration from? Of the leading markets in the world of course – The Borough Market in London, the Chelsea Market in New York, La Boqueria in Barcelona, and the Italian market chain around the globe (Eataly).

Inside the shops, behind the counters, and in the lively restaurant kitchens of the market, you will find real food people, products, and dishes that have long been the talk of the town: the burger of Meat Bar, the cheeses of Asher Promjeri from the Holy City, and the halva of the Halva Kingdom. To describe a place that is an experience? So Sharona Market is an amusement park of flavors!

Alongside all this, there are the best young culinary entrepreneurs who have come to bring fresh concepts of shopping, consumerism, and entertainment, all while constantly thinking about the great crowd that frequents the market every day.

You will also find, among other things, a fish and seafood bar, a fish shop by Zico the Fisherman, handmade fresh fruit popsicles, and a wine tasting stand where you can be impressed by at least 40 types of boutique wines.

You’re not real foodies if Sharona Market is not your second home!


To sum up, Sarona Market is a lovely place for a visit. Many Israelis define it as being in Tel Aviv but feeling like Europe. It is a high-class market, meaning you can find many high-quality products and restaurants, but they will not be cheap.

And if you are in the area, especially during dinner or lunchtime, I suggest stopping at the market. Another benefit of this place is air conditioning, which makes this a perfect attraction for the hot summer days.

If you love markets, check out Markets In Tel Aviv And Jaffa. And for additional points of interest nearby, see Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Have you ever been to the Sarona Market? Tell us in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

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