Yanni World Tour – Tel Aviv Concert

Some time ago I saw on the internet that Yanni was coming to Israel. I can’t say that I’m a big fan. Well actually I’m not that familiar with his works. But my wife loves his music, so she dragged me along.Yanni World Tour - Tel Aviv Concert

I haven’t been to a concert in Nokia Stadium in Tel Aviv for a while and haven’t missed it. There are problems with accessing it (this is actually a basketball stadium that sometimes used for concerts and shows). Since it is located in the center of Tel Aviv, there is heavy traffic in the area.

Map of the area:

After getting through the traffic and finding a parking lot – we were asked to pay for parking prior to the concert. So, after finishing with the payment queue, we moved to the collecting tickets queue and then to entering to the stadium queue (photo below).

All these delays added another 30-40 minutes. And Yanni started the show almost on time. Thus in the first 20 minutes there were a lot of disturbances since many people kept on entering and searching for their seats.

But after that, we started to enjoy the show.

Yanni World Tour - Tel Aviv Concert

There were lots of soloists. Many performers had a solo piece.

And here is a solo of the famous violin player Samvel Yervinyan,
Yanni gathered top musicians.

One of the things I’ve noticed when processing photos is that Yanni almost always smiles. You can see that he really enjoys what he does. And it’s great when your passion and your job is the same.Yanni World Tour - Tel Aviv Concert

Just to be sure you know who the star is, we will put him in the spotlights.

Cell phones probably deserve a separate post. You can see dozens of smartphones in each row. Most of them recording video. Some taking pictures. And the most interesting usage I saw was turning on the flashlight and waving with the smartphone as if it was a candle.

But it was at the show’s end where all the madness begun. People stood up and begun clapping in frenzy. There was some vibe in the crowd and numerous people shouted “I love you”.

Yanni left the stage and returned for encore. Then he left the stage again and returned for another encore.
Overall the concert lasted around 2.5 hours, which is more than I expected. Because, the average duration is around 90 minutes.Yanni World Tour - Tel Aviv Concert

And big thank you to all musicians.

Overall, though I’m not a fan I really enjoyed the concert and it was a great experience.

That’s all for today and I’ll see you in future adventures!

Stay Tuned!


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