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My name is Lev and I’m from Israel. My love for photography and travel were the cause for me to start this blog. Over the years I became a freelance photographer. I specialize in travel photography and architecture and interior design photography.

Today you can find many Israeli travel & interior design photography resources on my blog.  And don’t forget to Follow in order to get notifications when new posts are published.

To see my favorite photographs visit the portfolio page.

If you want to hire me or you have a question don’t hesitate to contact me at hi@israel-in-photos.com.



  • If you’re interested in buying some of my photos or simply love my blog and want to support me then visit the Support page.
  • Some videos that presented on my blog were made by my dad. He’s an event photographer and you can find more info about him at www.michael-photo.com

Best wishes,
Lev Tsimbler


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Lev,
    Your blog is really great.
    We are develloping a new israeli platform totally free to make discover new places in Israel to french public.
    Is there a way we could share your pics with link to your site and credits ?
    Wishing you lot of succes,

    Azar Cohen
    Be Uppy mag

  2. hi Lev,

    enjoying looking at your photos
    especially the Tel Aviv ones as I’m
    getting to know Tel Aviv quite well.
    must have a look at the piano-fence
    when I’m next in Tel Aviv –
    in which street is it?
    didn’t I talk to you and your colleague
    outside a hotel earlier this year?
    you were working there as a porter?

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