Tel Aviv walks #4 – Yarkon River

This Friday morning, we decided to hike along the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv.

Note: this river begins at Yarkon National Park.


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Map of the area:

Yarkon River

The source of the Yarkon River is at Yarkon National Park, not far from Petah Tikva. It flows west through Gush Dan and Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park into the Mediterranean Sea.

Yarkon probably comes from the Hebrew word “Yarok”, which means green. Though not sure whether the intention was to the greenish water or the plants and trees around it.

Along the river, you can find green spaces and various attractions, mostly sports-related. There are also bicycle and running lanes. But I have to warn you, don’t try to swim in this river. It’s polluted and can be dangerous (many blame the Reading Power Station for the pollution).

Here is a map of Yarkon River and attractions around it:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon RiverYou can also find this map on the official site at

We parked not far from Reading Power Station. There are free and paid parking lots there. If you come early (probably till 10 am), then you can find free parking, later it can be problematic.
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River

Revitalizing the River

Though the river is still polluted, it’s getting better. One of the signs is that you can see birds in the water:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River

In 1988, the Yarkon River Authority was established to revitalize the river and make sections of it suitable for sailing, fishing, swimming and other recreation. Water quality improved after the construction of modern sewage treatment plants in Hod Hasharon and Ramat Hasharon. The river was dredged to restore its original depth and natural flow. River banks were raised and reinforced, hiking and bicycling paths were built, and picnic and fishing areas were developed with the help of contributions from the Australian Jewish community via the Jewish National Fund.

Source: Wikipedia

Hiking Along the River

From Reading Power Station we started to walk to the West. After several minutes we reached the Daniel Rowing Center:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
In the mornings you can see many athletes training in the river:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Further ahead, next to Bar Yehuda Bridge:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
And if you want to sail at the river by yourself you can rent a boat at Yarkon River sailing. There are different types of boats, both with engines and without. The only downside is the price. For most types of boats, it starts at 100 NIS per hour. Therefore these boats are usually standing. But, this gives me an opportunity to photograph them 😉
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Yarkon view:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
The left side is for pedestrians and the right is for bicycles:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Beneath the Namir Road bridge:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Urban view:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Rosh Tsipor Bridge (next to Ayalon bridge)
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
View west from the Rosh Tsipor Bridge:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Cats under the Ayalon bridge:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
As you can see on the Rosh Tsipor Bridge we passed to the other side of the Yarkon River and this is my last photo before we turned back:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon RiverAccording to google maps, until now we passed approximately 3 km.

Billboard showing the wildlife species that can be found in this area:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Bent trees:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Back to Namir Road bridge:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Skyscrapers don’t let you forget that you are in the middle of the city:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
I wonder if these are the same ducks from before:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
The route along the northern side of Yarkon River is part of Israel National Trail (the trail that crosses the entire country of Israel). Thus, at least some people, consider this route along the river as one of the more beautiful ones Israel has to offer.

Israel National Trail markings:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
And we are back to Reading Power Station:
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River

Breakfast at Tel Aviv Port

Then we went to Tel Aviv port in search of breakfast. And again our experience was mediocre. Tel Aviv port is a tourist spot and there are not many good restaurants there. Thus, check ratings before selecting a restaurant or a cafe.
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River
And I will finish with a photo of a dog that was waiting for his owners next to a restaurant. I am not a fan of people leaving their dogs in such a manner, but at least this dog’s owner left him a cup of water.
Tel Aviv walks - Yarkon River

That’s all for today and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

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