HaTikva Market – The Guide

HaTikva Market in Tel Aviv

HaTikva Market starts with the basics (map, directions, opening hours), and then we will visit the market. Let’s begin!


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On One Foot

HaTikva Market and Carmel Market are two competing outdoor markets in Southern Tel Aviv. But since Carmel Market is closer to the sea and there are numerous hotels in the area, over the years, it became popular among tourists.

HaTikva Market, on the other hand, is a more authentic market with fewer tourists and it almost had not changed over the last decades.


HaTikva Market is located in the Hatikva neighborhood. Most of the market is on HaTikva street, but there are also shops and stalls on nearby streets.

Map of the area:


If you are walking to the HaTikva Market, then you can set the navigation app to HaTikva Street 1, Tel Aviv.

In case you are using public transport, then a variety of buses reaches this area. Here is already a preset link to Moovit. Just enter your starting point, and you will get the updated directions.

And if you are driving then you will need to find parking.


There are several parking lots in the area. The closest one is a small paid parking at Etsel Street 5. There is also municipal parking at Reshef Street. But during our latest visit, we parked in one of the alleys behind the market. For example, check out Kemuel Street.

Opening Hours

There are many stores, stalls, and restaurants in the market and its surroundings. Each of them has its opening hours. Thus if you are interested in a specific place, check its opening hours. And the hours I am going to list now, are the common ones when most stores are open.

Sunday – Thursday: 8:00 – 19:00 (17:00 during the winter).
Friday: 08:00 – 16:00 (14:00 during the winter).
Saturday and Jewish holidays – closed.


I was quite surprised at how clean the market was. I expected a much worse experience. We found public restrooms at Berekhya 27 Street and they were reasonably clean as well.

At HaTikva Market

Though it is not a big market, it has everything from produce to meats and spices.

HaTikva Market in Tel Aviv
HaTikva Market Sign

If we compare HaTikva Market vs Carmel Market, then HaTikva Market is considered by many as the cheaper one. Moreover, there are almost no tourists there. Thus you will mostly see locals arriving to buy food.

HaTikva Market in Tel Aviv
Fruit stand
HaTikva Street
HaTikva Street

The market has undergone a renovation in recent years, and besides new pavement, it also becomes easier to visit the market on hot days (fans were added along the street).

HaTikva Market in Tel Aviv

While visiting the market, I did not see any tourists, and there were no people with cameras. Thus I did not feel very comfortable photographing with a big DSLR. Hence, this post has fewer photos than usual.

Food stands at HaTikva Market
Food stands at HaTikva Market

Restaurants At The Market

I have read about different restaurants at HaTikva Market. They most serve authentic food. Maybe because it was too early, we saw only one open restaurant. But since it did not appeal to us, we did not visit it.

If you want to eat at the market, keep in mind that most of the people there have not changed over the last decades. Meaning, do not expect to find healthy food there. Most of the food is either deep-fried food or has lots of oil (I am not saying that it is not tasty; they just have not heard about the healthy food trend yet).

And as I always say, if you want to grab something to eat, launch Google Maps or some other app with a lot of reviews, and you will find the best places.

HaTikva Market in Tel Aviv
The main entrance to HaTikva Market
The main entrance to HaTikva Market

At the entrance to the market, I saw this Vespa scooter.

Vespa scooter
Vespa scooter

The attached sidecar is completely closed. In Israeli weather it means that you do not have to go to the sauna, you can simply sit in the sidecar 🙂

Here is a nice video about the market I found on YouTube:


Currently, HaTikva Market is not a tourist spot. It is mostly visited by locals who purchase fresh and cheap goods.

HaTikva Market is like a time machine. It allows visitors to return several decades to the past, to see how markets looked and to taste the food. If you are for the trip, then visit this market.

If you love markets, then check out Markets In Tel Aviv And Jaffa. And for additional points of interest nearby, see Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Have you ever been to the HaTikva Market? Tell us in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!


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