From day to night

From Day to Night – Series of Combined Photos from Israel

Today I want to show my Day to Night series. Part of each photo shows daytime and the other part shows the night. Read on.

Stephen Wilkes created a beautiful series called “DAY TO NIGHT”. In this series, he presents a series of landscapes and cityscapes. But these are not regular photos. Each photo is a combination of several photos taken during different hours of the day. This way you can have an early morning on one side of the photo, noon in the middle of the photo and evening on the other side of the photo.

Day to Night in Israel

I decided to create the “Day to Night” series for Israel and today I’ll share with you the results.

The first series of photos was made in Jerusalem at David’s Tower:
From day to nightNight in the bottom and day at the top.

Here is another one from Jerusalem, The Western Wall:
From day to nightAs you can see it’s daytime in the bottom and night at the top.

Photo of Bahai Gardens in Haifa:
From day to night

Port of Acre:
From day to night

And back to the Western Wall in Jerusalem:
From day to night

Bahai Gardens in Haifa where only the center is at daytime:
From day to night

How did I choose where to show day and where to show night? Well basically, it was what looks best. Some subjects look good at night and others during the day. For example: in the last photo I liked the lights of the cars. They serve as leading lines to the subject, the Bahai Temple, and gardens. But the gardens look rather dull at night since they are not lighted. The trees and the grass turn to mostly black. Thus, this area remained with daylight.

Update: As I continue photographing I’ll be making new “Day to Night” photos. Thus I’ll expand this post from time to time.

The Latest Additions

View of Rosh Hanikra from Achziv Beach, Israel
View of Rosh Hanikra from Achziv Beach, Israel

Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv:Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv, Israel

Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv, Israel

That’s all for today. Hope you loved this series and I’ll see you in future posts.

Stay Tuned!

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