Snow Park at Tel Aviv Port – Visitors Guide (with Coupons and More)

Snow Park at Tel Aviv

Snow Park at Hangar 11, in Tel Aviv port, has various attractions (like ice skating and snow gliding) for kids and adults. But it has one main drawback.

Due to the hot summers in Israel, such an attraction is to be expected. Especially after the opening of the indoor snow park in Reem Mall in Abu Dhabi. And during the last week, we escaped the heat for several hours and visited the Snow Park at Tel Aviv Port. Let’s begin exploring!

Opening Hours

The snow park will be open between: 27.7 – 31.8.2021

Note: due to Coronavirus, you have to purchase tickets for a two-hour time slot.

Sunday – Thursday: 09:00 – 20:00
Friday: 08:30 – 14:30
Saturdays: closed

Entrance Fee

The full ticket price is 110 NIS per person. And everybody above the age of three requires a ticket.

And this is the main drawback that I mentioned in the beginning. Comparing to the alternatives, this is an expensive two-hour attraction. And after deciding not to go, I saw an offer at HTZone. They offer tickets for 29 NIS. And at that point, I bought the tickets. So let’s talk about coupons.

Note: we visited the snow park in 2018. I updated this post with all relevant data. And from the official photos, it looks that the snow park in 2018 and 2021 are almost the same.


Credit Card offers:


Snow Park is being held at Hangar 11, at Tel Aviv port. You can park for free at the Reading parking lot and walk, or you can use the paid parking at Tel Aviv port. In 2018, the organizers of Snow Park offered to purchase discounted Tel Aviv port parking. But I do not see this option in 2021.

Map of the area:

At Snow Park

Note: we visited the snow park in 2018. I updated this post with all relevant data. And from the official photos, it looks that the snow park in 2018 and 2021 are almost the same.

We started our visit to the snow playground. There are two snow machines (one on each side), and they are shooting snow every couple of minutes.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

The consistency of the snow is icy. I guess it is due to the lack of air inside it. Thus it can get hard, and you cannot play throw and catch. Well, you can, but it will be the same as throwing rocks at each other. Moreover, you can see in the photo above workers with shovels breaking the snow into smaller pieces so that kids could play.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

I loved the fact that the floor is covered with special plastics. Without it, the flooring would be very slippery.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

Despite the snow, it is not very cold inside. As far as I remember, it is around 15 C. Thus, you can come in shorts and sandals (that is what I did), but it is better to bring extra clothes for kids. Not only warm clothing but a spare set as well. If they sit in the snow, the pants become entirely wet.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

Our next stop was the sleds. There are two of them – one for smaller children and another for bigger ones (older than eight years old). And as you can see, the sliding is done using big tubes.

Then we continued to ice skating.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

There is a stand in the back where you leave something valuable (like your phone or driving license) and, in return, take ice skating shoes. Note that you need socks for ice skating. Thus, if you come in sandals, bring a pair of socks with you. And if you are stuck, you can buy socks there.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

Near ice skating, there are motorized tubes on ice. We did not visit this attraction since the line was too long.

Additional Attractions

So far, I have covered all snow and ice-related attractions. Let’s get on the second floor and see the whole compound.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

On the left, there is the ice skating rink. The small building (that is closer to us) is a food kiosk. Then you can see the penguins and the photographer. You can make there a photo magnet (I did not check the price). And on the right, you can see the slides. At the far end of the compound, next to the snow, there is a small ring with electric cars for kids.

The second floor has a playground for toddlers and PlayStations.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

After exploring, we returned to the snow compound for the second time.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

Towards the end of our visit, we played some table ice hockey.

Snow Park at Tel Aviv port

And of course, there is a shop and a restroom at Hangar 11. There were also lockers, where you can rent one for 5 NIS.


We spent two hours at the Snow Park, and we enjoyed it. It was a fun experience. But, if I had to buy tickets at full prices, then I would expect much more. At 110 NIS per person, you can go to attractions like luna park or Superland, which offer (for most people) more value. Therefore, if you find cheap tickets, then sure. You will both get an enjoyable experience and receive value for money.

Have you visited the Snow Park At Tel Aviv Port? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

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