Tel Aviv City Center – Tel Aviv Walk #5

Today’s Tel Aviv walk will be in Tel Aviv City Center neighborhood. And we will start this walk at Rabin Square and Tel Aviv City Hall.

Map of the area:

Rabin Square and Tel Aviv City Hall

For more info about Rabin Square visit: Tel Aviv walks #3 – Dizengoff. At that post, you can also find info regarding Dizengoff, which is one of the main streets running through Tel Aviv City Center.

Lamp Statue at Sderot Ben Gurion:
Lamp Statue at Tel Aviv City Center

While at the rest of the world it’s freezing cold, at Tel Aviv you can find blooming flowers:
Tel Aviv walks #5-3


Rental bike station at Sderot Ben Gurion:
Tel-O-Fun station - Tel Aviv

Tel-O-Fun (official site) are rental bikes with stations around the city. They started about four years ago. And due to their success, they are spreading the service to nearby cities. Several days ago I heard they are going to build new Tel-O-Fun docking stations in Ramat Gan.

There are two subscription plans: annual – aimed mostly at locals that use bike rental to get to work. And daily/weekly that is primarily used casual users, like tourists. And if you will be traveling to Tel Aviv, you should consider this as an option.

Sderot Ben Gurion:
Tel Aviv walks #5-5

Tamara Juice

And if it’s hot or you are tired you can always find refreshments. Here is Tamara juice at the junction of Dizengoff and Sderot Ben Gurion streets:
Tel Aviv walks #5-6

This juice stand is probably one of the most photographed places in Tel Aviv.

“Modern bench” – bench with various Facebook statuses:
Tel Aviv walks #5-7

Square architecture:
Tel Aviv walks #5-8

We didn’t stop at Tamara juice, but we did make a stop at Tamara yogurt at Ben Yehuda street:
Tel Aviv walks #5-9

You may wonder why is this yogurt has such strange color. Well, it’s because we decided to try yogurt that was made from acai fruit, and it was tasty.

A building at Ben Yehuda street:
Tel Aviv walks #5-10


From Ben Yehuda we turned to Bograshov street and started to make our way back to the parking:
Tel Aviv City Center

Bograshov had many great qualities, but this is one of my favorites:

Following the Arab riots of 1921, he established the Nordia district in Tel Aviv for Jews who had been left homeless. Bograshov Street, the main thoroughfare crossing the Nordia district, was named for him while he was still alive. His response? He changed his name to Haim Boger!


Tel Aviv walks #5-12

Another look at Bograshov street:
Tel Aviv City Center

Habima Theater

Tel Aviv walks #5-14The meaning of Habima in Hebrew is “The Stage”, so it’s The Stage theater. It’s the national theater of Israel and one of the first Hebrew language theaters. And it’s located in Habima Square in Tel Aviv City Center.
Tel Aviv walks #5-15

HaArba’a St. is full of fine dining restaurants:
Tel Aviv City Center

New skyscrapers with cranes in reflection:
Tel Aviv City Center

The city gets taller and taller:
Tel Aviv City Center

We accidentally stumbled upon the new Sarona compound:
Tel Aviv walks #5-19

This is the Sarona market:
Sarona market in Tel Aviv

Half of the stores were still closed since it was one week before the official opening. Several weeks later we returned to Sarona Market (click to jump into the future and see that post).

Another entrance to Sarona Market:
Tel Aviv walks #5-21

Construction at Tel Aviv City Center:
Tel Aviv City Center

Sarona with the Sarona Market in the background:
Tel Aviv walks #5-23That’s it for today. Hope you liked our walk through Tel Aviv City Center and I’ll see you in future posts.

Stay tuned!

Check out the Tel Aviv-Yafo page for additional attractions nearby. 

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