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Each post that is dedicated to a place has a group combo box and an Add to Trip button. For most purposes, you can use the group as a day. You select the day of the trip (1,2,3...) and then add it to that day.

When you press the Add to Trip button, a new cookie is created and added to your browser. In the next seven days, this place will appear on this page (in the same browser). Hence, using this functionality, you can create multi-day itineraries.

And here is a short demo video:

Additional Resources

On this site, you can find guides to many Israeli attractions, including National Parks. There are several ways you can use Israel-In-Photos. First, you can use the Attractions Map to browse the map interactively and see the locations of different attractions. That is ideal when you plan to visit a region and check what is there. There are also dedicated pages for the most significant Israeli cities:

Moreover, Israel Trip Planner will help you to plan an Israeli vacation. And you might be interested in Events And Festivals By Season.