31 Attractions in Tel Aviv with Kids (including Saturday and rainy days)

Tel Aviv Port with kids

Tel Aviv has a variety of attractions. And today, we will cover the places that kids usually love, including indoor activities, and open on Saturdays. Let’s begin!

Notes regarding the table:

  • The table has a column named “Indoor Activity”. These are places that are suitable for rainy and hot days.
  • The table starts by listing attractions within the city, and then there are several suggestions for places near Tel Aviv (within half an hour drive).
#NameIndoor ActivityOpen on SaturdayIs it free?
1Tel Aviv has many beaches. And besides swimming, you can take surfing lessons at one of the clubs in the city.NoYesThe beaches are free, but the lessons are not.
2Tel Aviv Port is a nice place for a walk, to perform different sports activities, or spending time with kids.NoYesYes
3Tel Aviv Graffiti tours, especially at Florentin, became very popular in recent years. See Graffiti At Florentin for additional info.NoYesSelf-tour is free.
4Azrieli is probably the most recognizable complex in Tel-Aviv’s skyline. And there you can visit the Island Park and Azrieli Observatory, the highest observatory in the Middle East.The mall and the observatory are indoors.Island Park is open on Saturday.No
5Sarona was a German Templer colony that is now a restored neighborhood with various attractions. You can start by visiting the neighborhood and its playgrounds and then grab something to eat at Sarona Market, the biggest indoor market in Israel.The market is indoorsYesYou can enter Sarona for free, but the food costs money.
Eretz Israel Museum is not only a multidisciplinary museum with many temporary exhibitions, but it is also an archeological site. Moreover, there is a planetarium and many temporary exhibitions for kids.
7Visiting a market and tasting different food can be a fun family experience. Here is my overview of Best Tel Aviv and Jaffa Markets. Also, kids that love crafts, will enjoy Nachalat Binyamin Market.DependsDependsNo
8Neve Tzedek was the first Jewish neighborhood to be built (established in 1887) outside Jaffa. Today this is fashionable with a village-like atmosphere district. And most families enjoy walking or cycling there. Of course, with a stop at Anita ice cream.NoYesYes
9Afeka Caves and Drezner Grove offer a lovely and easy hike close to Tel Aviv. And in this path, you will see many flowers and ancient burial caves.NoYesYes
10Ariel Sharon Park stands on top of a former waste dump named Hiriya. And once completed, it will be the biggest park in the middle east.NoYesYes
11Nalagaat Center crowned by The New York Times as “a simple, universal message, powerfully conveys from the stage,” has established itself as one of the most innovative theaters in the world, and Israel’s leading cultural sites. Nalaga’at, a unique, nonprofit center of culture and arts, is a meeting place for deaf, blind, deaf-blind, and the general public.YesNoNo
12Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a municipal museum, one of Israel’s leading artistic and cultural institutions. The museum comprises various departments: The Department of Israeli Art, the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Department of Prints and Drawings, the Department of Photography, the Department of Architecture and Design, and the Old Masters Department.YesYesNo
13The Ben-Gurion House was built in 1930-1931 when the first workers’ neighborhood was established on The Jewish National Fund land. Ben-Gurion requested the house to become a public institution for reading, study, and research. After his death, the Israeli Parliament unanimously voted for, following the decision of the Government of Israel, the “David Ben-Gurion Law – 1976” – which declared the house as a national site.YesNoNo
14You can stroll in the alleys of Old Jaffa in search of your astrological sign and then take a boat ride at Jaffa Port.NoYesBoat sails are not free.
15Rosh Tzipor Birdwatching Center inside Ganei Yehoshua park offers several lookouts around an artificial pond.NoYesYes
16The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History by Tel Aviv university includes education and a research center.YesYesNo
17Water Skiing at Menachem Begin Park.NoYesNo
18Luna Park is an amusement park in the city.NoYesNo
19Meymadion water park.NoYesNo
20You can hover over Tel Aviv in a hot-air balloon.NoYesNo
21The Olympics Experience museumYesNoNo
22iSkate is an Ice skating rink in Tel Aviv.YesYesNo
23Ramat Gan Safari has the biggest collection of animals in the Middle East. Moreover, it is unique due to the substantial herds grazing in the African territories.NoYesNo
24Lasertag TLVYesYesNo
25Peres Center for Peace and InnovationYesNoNo
26If you love extreme, then here are two suggestions: SKYTOWN adventure park and iClimb rock climbing.NoYesNo
27Egged Museum in Holon can be a lovely attraction to kids that love buses.NoNoYes
28Apollonia (Arsuf) is a wheelchair-accessible National Park near Herzliya. And in the park, you can find the remains of a Crusader Fortress.NoYesNo
29At Migdal Tsedek (Migdal Afek) national park by Rosh Haayin, you can find a fortress, trails, and many other things. In 2021, after restoration, Migdal Tsedek was reopened.NoYesNo
30The Tel Afek compound at Yarkon National Park has the Antipatris fort, artificial lake, paddling pools, and a large picnic area.NoYesNo
31Raanana Park has a variety of attractions, both for adults and children. There is a small zoo, a lake, facilities for children and more.NoYesYes
Places to Visit in Tel Aviv with Kids

Here is an interactive map of the area where you can see various attractions.


I hope this post gave you ideas regarding places in Tel Aviv that kids love. And now it is your turn. What are your favorite kid’s attractions in Tel Aviv? Tell us in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

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  1. Love looking at your pictures. Do you have a picture of The Garden of Gethsemane? The first time we went to Israel the guide actually took us into a garden area that was gated. The second and third time the guide took us to the Mt. of Olives and said that was Gethsemane. Thank you very much.

    1. Currently, I have this post: https://www.israel-in-photos.com/around-the-old-city-jerusalem.html. But I am planning on elaborating it.
      Gethsemane comes from the Hebrew words “Gat Shmanim,” meaning olive press. Hence I always considered it as a small place, and as far as I know, it is located by The Church of All Nations.

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