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Recently a new concept mall opened in Tel Aviv. I am speaking, of course, about TLV Fashion Mall. Thus, on a Friday morning, my wife dragged me with her. And I used this opportunity to challenge myself and find something to photograph in and around the mall.


TLV Fashion Mall is located on Carlebach Street 4, Tel Aviv. Close to Azrieli CenterSarona Market, and Vintage Market.

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At that point, I was unaware of the available parking lot at TLV Fashion Mall. Thus I parked within a ten-minute walk at a familiar place, Azrieli Center.


Tel Aviv walks #10 - TLV Fashion Mall

I have been to Azrieli many times. Shot sunset next to Azrieli and visited the Azrieli observatory, but today I do not want to talk about the old Azrieli buildings.

Tel Aviv walks #10 -Azrieli Sarona Tower

Instead, take a look at the twisting new Azrieli building. Also called Azrieli Sarona Tower.
It is located close to the old Azrieli buildings and, of course, taller than the old ones.

Standing at over 830-feet (255 meters) tall, the new Azrieli Sarona office tower in Tel Aviv has 34 high-speed elevators fitted with LED screens, a sprawling lobby and a mall on the ground floor. Set to open in 2018, the building has already attracted some of the most powerful players in Israel’s tech industry. Amazon, Facebook and Magic Leap Inc. have already rented office spaces there, and so did other international and local companies such as Citibank, IronSource Ltd., SimilarWeb Ltd. and the shared office space startup Labs.

Built for over $426 million (1.5 billion NIS), the Azrieli Sarona tower is one of the most expensive real estate projects in Israel. In addition to being the country’s now tallest tower, it is also the widest office building in Israel, with each floor stretching across nearly 26,000 square feet (2,400 square meters). All in all, the new building will have more than 1.2 million square feet of office space (115,000 square meters).


TLV Fashion Mall

After about a ten-minute walk, we reached TLV Fashion Mall.

I have visited TLV Fashion Mall several times since that original visit, and here is one important tip. Since business is not going too well, they offer three hours of free parking, and each additional hour costs 8 NIS. Thus, if you are looking for parking in this area, this is a good option.

As the name suggests, this mall specializes in fashion. Mostly clothing and accessories, but there are also several restaurants and a bookstore.

While there, we saw a model rundown and people preparing for a fashion show (we saw videographers, makeup artists, and models).

But the show did not start during our visit, and we decided not to wait.


As I mentioned in the beginning, I read several articles in different economic newspapers where store owners at TLV Fashion Mall were complaining about low sales. I guess this is the main reason for offering three-hour free parking. Moreover, they are going to change store types in the mall. I read an interview with one of the CEOs saying that putting only fashion stores without food stands and restaurants was a mistake. And indeed there are few places where you can eat. During our visit, we wanted to grab something and saw Aroma. The line was quite long, but since we did not have a choice (and did not want to go out of the mall), we waited.

But, maybe the financials are only partially related to the planning. Malls around the world suffer due to online shopping.

I took this ceiling shot next to the bathrooms:

Tel Aviv walks #10 - TLV Fashion Mall

TLV Fashion Mall has a triangular shape with two long edges. There are two levels of stores, three levels of underground parking, and two entries. One entrance is at HaHashmonaim Street, and the second is at Carlebach Street (the entrance to underground parking is also from Carlebach).

Several days ago, I heard about a new initiative, old cars show inside the mall. About half a dozen of classic cars were placed inside the mall. Time will tell whether it will help the business.

Tel Aviv walks #10 - TLV Fashion Mall

After about two hours, we finished going through TLV fashion mall and returned to the parking.

Vintage Market

On our way back, we stumbled upon the vintage market.

Why did I say stumbled upon? At first, I did not connect the points. But because Dizengoff Square was renovated, the Antiques Market was moved from Dizengoff to Givon Street (a pedestrian promenade).

Here are several photos from the market, and you can find additional details at Vintage Market.

At this market, besides second-hand items, we saw many collectibles. Especially old stamps and coins. If you are a collector, then you should pay a visit.

From the market, we headed back to Azrieli. At the Bridge above Derech Menachem Begin street:

Tel Aviv walks #10 - TLV Fashion Mall

Photo of Menachem Begin Street with the old Azrieli to the right and the new ones to the left (only part of it is seen).

Menachem Begin Street
Menachem Begin Street

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

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