50 Attractions on the way to Northern Israel (for Kids, Free, and More)

When driving to northern Israel, most people are looking for a place for a break. And here is a list of attractions on the way.

Northern Israel is a broad definition, and you might be driving to Beit Shean, Sea of Galilee, or Kiryat Shmona. Thus, I will list all places north of Netanya and south of Safed.


  • There are many attractions in Northern Israel. If you want ideas, see Northern Israel – Best Attractions by Region and City.
  • For most Israelis, the drive to northern Israel is the second-longest after the drive to Eilat. And if you are planning on driving to Eilat, check out 41 Attractions on the way to Eilat.
  • The table below is sorted by the attraction’s location (from south to north).
  • All attractions that are listed below are suitable for kids. Thus instead of adding a column suitable for kids, I added: “Do Kids Love It?”. It is a number between 1 and 10. 1 means that some children like it (depending on how good a storyteller you are), and 10 indicates that most kids will enjoy this place. This number is based on my children. But there is nobody who knows your kids better than you. Therefore, treat the number only as a suggestion.
#NameDescriptionLocationIs it Free?Do Kids Love It?Rating on Google
1Havat Noy Botanical GardenBotanical gardens and a lovely place for a picnicKfar Monash (near Ruppin Academic Center), Emek Hefer. Near road #4.Yes64.6 based on 449 reviews
2Utopia Orchid ParkBotanical gardens with orchids, carnivorous plants, and animalsKibbutz Bahan, Emek HeferNo94.2 based on 5041 reviews
3Crusader Castle in QaqunA short trail to the castle and backNear Utopia Orchid ParkYes74 based on 375 reviews
4Agamon HeferBird Watching Park with an artificial lakeNear Ein Hahoresh, Emek Hefer. Near road #4.Yes74.4 based on 1744 reviews
5Turtle Bridge at Alexander RiverThe viewpoint of softshell turtles and a lovely place for a picnicNear Kfar Vitkin, Emek Hefer.Yes74.4 based on 1995 reviews
6Hadera River ParkSeaside park with a promenade around Alexander river. There is also a playground for kids and a picnic areaNear Hadera and east of Orot Rabin power station. Near road #2.Yes74.3 based on 2334 reviews
7Caesarea National ParkNational park with significant archeological remainsCaesarea, by road #2No64.6 based on 18886 reviews
8Ralli MuseumArt museumCaesarea, by road #2Yes54.7 based on 2025 reviews
9Taninim Stream Nature ReserveTaninim Stream Nature Reserve is full of nature, wildlife, and archeological remains.Near Jisr al-Zarqa, by road #2No74.4 based on 1473 reviews
10Ramat HaNadivNature park with memorial gardens.Near Zichron Yaakov, by road #4Yes74.7 based on 7369 reviews
11Tel Megiddo National ParkPresents the remains of the ancient city Megiddo (Armageddon).Not far from AfulaNo74.6 based on 2396 reviews
12Agricultural circusVarious attractions for childrenHaYogev, Near MegiddoNo104.5 based on 821 reviews
13Beit Alfa Synagogue National ParkPresents one of the most preserved and beautiful mosaics in Israel.Beit Alfa, not far from Beit SheanNo64.4 based on 651 reviews
14Japanese Garden at Kibbutz HephzibahJapanese GardenKibbutz Hephzibah, not far from Beit SheanNo54.1 based on 193 reviews
15Gan GarooThematic zoo in Beit Shean Valley.Nir David, not far from Beit SheanNo104.5 based on 2975 reviews
16Beit Shean National ParkHas the best-preserved remains of an ancient Roman city in Israel.Beit SheanNo74.7 based on 2801 reviews
17Jordan Star National ParkBelvoir Fortress is an almost complete Crusader castle in Israel. And it is part of Jordan Star National Park (Kokhav HaYarden).About halfway between the Sea of Galilee and Beit Shean National ParkNo64.6 based on 1502 reviews
18Nahal HaShofetTrails with stunning nature and a picnic area.Near YokneamYes74.5 based on 675 reviews
19Butterfly NurseryLearn about butterflies and feed themNot far from AtlitNo94.3 based on 36 reviews
20Nahal Mearot Nature ReserveHome to a group of prehistoric caves in which humans lived for 500,000 years.Hof Hacarmel, not far from Haifa.No64.5 based on 1945 reviews
21Ein Hod
At the artist’s village Ein Hod on Carmel mountain, you can see exhibitions, join workshops, visit galleries, go to concerts, and more.
Carmel MountainIt depends on the chosen activity.It depends on the chosen activity.It depends on the chosen attraction.
22Karta RuinsYou can find a short-loop family track at Karta Ruins Nature Reserve. You can enjoy nature and archeological remains on this track.Near AtlitYes64.1 based on 14 reviews
23Finger Cave TrailFinger Cave is a lovely loop and short track leading to a stunning cave.Carmel MountainYes64.7 based on 159 reviews
24NazarethNazareth has many attractions, and you will see the top sights by clicking the link.NazarethYes4
25Dvorat HaTavorIt is a silk and honey farm with a visitors center.Moshav Shadmot Dvora, not far from the Tavor mountainNo94.5 based on 611 reviews
26Hamat GaderHamat Gader is a hot spring site. You can also find a crocodile farm, an archeological site, fishing ponds, and more.By the Jordan border, not far from the Sea of GalileeNo8
27Junge FunZooBeit Zera, near the Sea of GalileeNo104.3 based on 1279 reviews
28Galita ChocolateAt Galita Chocolate Farm, you can purchase handmade chocolate and join tasty workshops.Kibbutz Degania BeitNo104.4 based on 1649 reviews
29Rob RoyIndian canoeing and other activities by the Sea of GalileeOn the Jordan River, near the southern shore of the Sea of GalileeNo94.4 based on 3447 reviews
30Valley Museum, Kibbutz YifatExperiential museum showing the first days of the KibbutzKibbutz YifatIt depends on the day of the week74.4 based on 565 reviews
31Beit Shearim National ParkBeit Shearim National Park is an archaeological site of an ancient Jewish town, a world-famous Jewish cemetery of the Mishnaic era.Near Kiryat Tiv’onNo84.6 based on 2741 reviews
32Little SwitzerlandHiking trails and picnic areaMount Carmel Nature ReserveYes74.6 based on 73 reviews
33Bethlehem Of GalileeThere is a variety of agricultural attractions in this Moshav. For example, Shvil Parot HaChalav, Harvesting Olives At Galili Olive Oil, Ktofoti, Alonei Abba Nature Reserve, etc.Bethlehem Of GalileeNo7
34Tzipori National ParkPresents many remains of the ancient Sepphoris, including numerous beautiful mosaics and an ancient water system.Lower Galilee, not far from Nazareth.No64.6 based on 3227 reviews
35Hanging Bridges at Nesher ParkLovely circular hike close to Haifa.NesherYes64.5 based on 81 reviews
36HaifaThere are various attractions in the city. For a detailed list, see Haifa.HaifaDepending on the chosen attractionDepending on the selected attraction
37Ein Afek Nature ReserveWetland with plenty of animals and accessible trails.Near Kiryat BialikNo74.6 based on 3152 reviews
38Tel Yodfat National ParkTel Yodfat and Mount Atzmon offer lovely loop trails that walk through the Hellenistic city of Jotapata and the surrounding mountains.Near the modern Moshav Yodfat in Lower GalileeYes64.7 based on 47 reviews
39Yodfat Monkey ForestMonkeys and other animalsMoshav Yodfat in Lower GalileeNo104.5 based on 2894 reviews
40Arbel National ParkArbel National Park and Nature Reserve offer stunning views and a glimpse of history.Mount Arbel near TiberiasNo74.7 based on 3318 reviews
41Ein Keshatot (Umm el Kanatir)An ancient Jewish village with an impressive synagogue from the Talmudic Period.Golan Heights near Kibbutz NaturNo64.6 based on 1564 reviews
42Tel SakiMemorial siteGolan Heights near Ramat MagshimimYes74.7 based on 962 reviews
43Majrase – Betiha Nature ReserveIt offers a short, easy, lovely water trail that perfectly suits hot days.The northern shore of the Sea of GalileeNo104.6 based on 4646 reviews
44Korazim National ParkChorazin was an ancient town in the Galilee4 km from Capernaum above the northern shore of the Sea of GalileeNo64.6 based on 917 reviews
45Gamla Nature ReserveYou can see ancient Gamla, the highest waterfall in Israel, a vulture lookout, and more.Golan Heights, not far from the Sea of GalileeNo5 – 7, depending on the trail4.6 based on 2273 reviews
46Acre (Akko)It is one of the world’s oldest cities, with a rich history and many historic structures.AkkoNoDepending on the chosen attractionDepending on the selected attraction
47Yehiam FortressFort from the Crusader and Ottoman periods.Near NahariyaNo74.5 based on 2232 reviews
48Mini Golf ParodMini Golf and other attractions for kidsKibbutz ParodNo94.4 based on 115 reviews
49Amud Stream Nature ReserveStunning nature hikes with a lot of vegetation, lovely ponds, and history.Not far from Safed.No94.6 based on 1103 reviews
50Blue Valley ParkBlue Valley Park (Emek HaTkhelet) has easy trails for families and harder ones for experienced hikers. SafedYes64.2 based on 562 reviews

And if you are looking for additional ideas, browse the interactive map below.


I hope this post gave you ideas regarding what attractions you can visit on the way to or from Northern Israel. And if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below. Also, what are your favorite attractions on the way to Northern Israel?

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!


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