Finger Cave Trail on Carmel Mountain

There are many trails on Mount Carmel and Finger Cave (Me’arat Etsba) is one of them.

Map of the area:

We’ve parked at the Nahal Oren parking lot, near Oren Junction and started climbing up on the black-marked trail. This is a round hiking route and its length is 2km. Which should take 2-4 hours.

Map of the trail can be found here. Number 1 is the parking. We started there, continued on the black route and then switched to Israeli National trail (in the opposite direction of the arrows on the map).

The trail:Finger Cave Trail

View of the Carmel mountains:
Carmel mountains Finger Cave Trail

View towards Haifa (to North):
Finger Cave Trail

This tree stump looks like some art work was made on it. Not sure is it human made or some kind of insects:
Finger Cave Trail

Finger Cave got its name from the shape of its opening, which looks like a giant thumb.
Finger Cave

The cave is quite big and wide. You can walk in it standing upright.

View from the inside of the Finger Cave:
Finger Cave

Overall, this is quite nice and rather short trail. But, if you are out of shape some of the climbs can be a little hard. Difficulty level of this route is defined as medium.

As for most trails in Israel I’d recommend hiking while it’s not too hot (early mornings) and not after rains.

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