HaNadiv gardens, A.K.A. Ramat HaNadiv  (official site) is a nature park and gardens next to Zichron Ya’akov.

Map of the area:

Nadiv in Hebrew means generous, and the gardens are called that because the money for creation and maintenance was donated by Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Thus, entrance is free.

The location next to Zichron Ya’akov is not coincidental. Zichron Ya’akov in Hebrew means “Jacob’s Memorial”. It was one of the first Jewish settlements of Halutzim in the country, founded in 1882 by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild and named in honor of his father, Jacob.

HaNadiv gardens consists of memorial gardens and nature park. Nature park has three trails: The Spring, The Manor and The Vultures.

This time we’ve walked The Manor trail (marked red).

Note: if it’s you first time to this attraction I’d suggest The Spring trail since it has more points of interests.
HaNadiv gardens

HaNadiv gardens

Horvat Aqav:
Horvat Aqav

This is the highest point of Ramat Hanadiv, 141 metres above sea level.  Its Hebrew name comes from the Arabic one, Hirbat Mansour el-‘Eqeb. In front of it is a sign with text in red, describing the site during the Second Temple period (1st century CE). The green text gives the history of the rustic manor house that was built during the Byzantine period on the remains of the earlier farmstead.

Professor Yizhar Hirshfeld directed the archaeological excavations here from 1984-87. Shards from the Persian period (5th and 3rd centuries BCE), buried beneath the farmstead’s walls, indicate that it may have served previously as a ritual site. In the late 19th century most of the original building stones were apparently removed and used for the construction of Beit Khouri.

Horvat Aqav

From Horvat Aqav you can see coastal panorama. Here you can see Hedera and its power station:
View from HaNadiv gardens

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