41 Attractions on the way to Eilat (for Kids, Free, and More)

The drive to Eilat is one of the longest drives in Israel. Consequently, most people are looking for a break. Thus today, we will list attractions on the way to Eilat.

Most people will either drive through Mitzpe Ramon (road #40) or will primarily use Arava Highway (#90). And in the location column, you can see to which road this attraction is close.

Note: all attractions that are listed below are suitable for kids. Thus instead of adding a column suitable for kids, I added a column named “Do Kids Love It?”. It is a number between 1 and 10. One means that some children like it (depending on how good a storyteller you are), and 10 indicates that most kids will enjoy this place. This number is based on my own children. But there is nobody who knows your kids better than you. Therefore, treat the number only as a suggestion.

Note 2: the attractions are sorted by their distance from Eilat.

#NameCategoryLocationDistance from Eilat (km)Is it Free?Do Kids Love It?Rating on Google
1Tel Arad National ParkArcheology and HistoryNear Arad, by road #31239No34.5 based on 450 reviews
2Ein Gedi Nature ReserveNature, Archeology, and HistoryNear Ein Gedi, by road #90236No5 – 8 – depending on the selected trail4.7 based on 11362 reviews
3Shivta National ParkArcheology and HistoryNear Ashalim, by road #211225Yes54.7 based on 60 reviews
4Masada National ParkArcheology and HistoryNear the Dead Sea, by road #90221No64.7 based on 20116 reviews
5The solar thermal power plant Ashalim viewpointTechnologyNear Ashalim, by road #211210Yes6
6Yeruham ParkNatureNear Yeruham, by road #204204Yes54.2 based on 151 reviews
7Mamshit National ParkArcheology and HistoryNear Dimona, by road #25202No54.4 based on 1553 reviews
8Camel Ride At Mamshit Camel RanchAnimalsNear Dimona, by road #25202No104.6 based on 573 reviews
9HaMakhtesh HaGadolHikingNear Yeruham, by road #25196Yes34.7 based on 201 reviews
10Ein Avdat National ParkHikingSde Boker, by road #40186No74.8 based on 850 reviews
11Chan HashayarotCamels, Jeeps, and other activitiesNear Sde Boker, by road #40176No6 – 10 depending on the activity4.1 based on 1033 reviews
12Avdat National ParkArcheology and HistorySde Boker, by road #40172No54.5 based on 4415 reviews
13Ramon VineyardAgricultureNear Mitzpe Ramon, by road #40158No84.8 based on 119 reviews
14Wise ObservatoryStargazingNear Mitzpe Ramon, by road #40155No84.3 based on 12 reviews
15Sea-Gal Advanced AquacultureAnimalsIdan, by road #90155No105 based on 25 reviews
16Alpaca FarmAnimalsNear Mitzpe Ramon, by road #40154No104.5 based on 465 reviews
17Crocoloco Crocodile FarmAnimalsIr Ovot, by road #90151No104.4 based on 599 reviews
18Makhtesh Ramon Visitors CenterNature and HistoryMitzpe Ramon, by road #40150No64.6 based on 5125 reviews
19Hiking in Mitzpe Ramon on the rim of the Makhtesh to Camel MountHikingMitzpe Ramon, by road #40150Yes64.7 based on 1017 reviews
20Hai Ramon – Living Desert MuseumAnimalsMitzpe Ramon, by road #40150No94 based on 385 reviews
21Ein Saharonim and Nahal Nekarot CurveHikingNear Mitzpe Ramon, by road #40150Yes64.9 based on 13 reviews
22Vidor CenterAgricultureHazeva, by road #90145No94.8 based on 125 reviews
23HaMinsaraHikingNear Mitzpe Ramon, by road #40144Yes64.5 based on 103 reviews
24Colored sand parkHikingNear Mitzpe Ramon, by road #40143Yes84.4 based on 1293 reviews
25Ammonite WallHikingNear Mitzpe Ramon, by road #40136Yes64.3 based on 146 reviews
26Porat ApiaryAnimalsEin Yahav, by road #90134No104.8 based on 198 reviews
27CHOCOLITALI chocolate workshopsFoodEin Yahav, by road #90134No105 based on 26 reviews
28Sapir ParkPicnic and NatureSapir, by road #90137Yes84.3 based on 901 reviews
29Arava Antelope RanchAnimalsTzofar, by road #90123No104.7 based on 464 reviews
30Nahal BarakHikingParan, by road #90102Yes74.7 based on 47 reviews
31Paran LookoutNatureParan, by road #90100Yes64.4 based on 20 reviews
32Faran OfanBicycle rentalParan, by road #9099No104.8 based on 15 reviews
33Sands coverageHikingNear Neot Samadar, by road #1273Yes94.7 based on 81 reviews
34Park YotvataAgriculture and Attractions for kidsYotvata, by road #9044No104.1 based on 6147 reviews
35Hai-Bar Yotvata Nature ReserveAnimalsNear Yotvata, by road #9034No104.3 based on 901 reviews
36Timna ParkArcheology and HikingNear Elifaz, by road #9029No5 – 8 depending on the activity4.7 based on 5563 reviews
37Hidden Lake TimnaNatureNear Elifaz, by road #9026Yes104.6 based on 494 reviews
38Red CanyonHikingNear the border with Egypt, by road #1223Yes94.8 based on 2275 reviews
39Ammerm columnsHikingNear Eilat, by road #9018Yes84.8 based on 288 reviews
40The Flamingo Lookout (Flamingo Migration)AnimalsNear Eilat, by road #9012Yes64.4 based on 215 reviews
41The land of the lizardsAnimalsNear Eilat, by road #904Yes63.6 based on 16 reviews

The table lists mostly places that are to the south of Beer Sheva. And if you are looking for additional ideas, browse the interactive map below.


I hope this post gave you ideas regarding what attractions you can visit on the way to or from Eilat. And if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below. Also, what are your favorite attractions on the way to Eilat?

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!


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