34 Attractions in Haifa with Kids (including Saturday and rainy days)

Haifa has a variety of attractions. And today, we will cover the places kids usually love, including indoor activities, and open on Saturdays.

Notes regarding the table:

  • The table has a column named “Indoor Activity”. These are places that are suitable for rainy and hot days.
  • The table starts by listing attractions within the city and then several suggestions for places near Haifa (within one hour drive).
#NameIndoor ActivityOpen on SaturdayEntrance Fee
1Madatech (Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space) is Israel’s largest science museum.Yes, most of it.Yes65 NIS per person (but there are coupons)
2Railway Museum in Haifa is a lovely family attraction.Yes, most of it.No30 NIS per person
3Tikotin Museum Of Japanese Art is one of Haifa’s lesser-known attractions, though it is the only museum of its kind in the middle east. Moreover, they have workshops for kids.YesYes35 NIS per adult and 25 NIS per child*
4National Maritime Museum displays over 5000 years of history and maritime archeology in the Mediterranean basin.YesNo35 NIS per adult and 25 NIS per child*
5Have you ever been inside a missile boat or a submarine? At Clandestine Immigration And Naval Museum, you can do that.NoNo15 NIS per person
Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa is an excellent small and free museum. And it is suitable for older children.
7Above Hecht Museum, you can find Haifa University viewpoint.YesNoFree
8Haifa Educational Zoo is located on the slopes of Mount Carmel. The zoo is quite big, and you can find all the usual animals there. But, since the zoo is on Carmel mountain’s slope, there are no big animals like elephants, giraffes, and hippos.NoYes38 NIS per person (but there are coupons)
9Hai-Bar Carmel is the place to see eagles and deer.NoYes22 NIS per adult and 9 NIS per child
10Bahai Gardens is the most popular attraction in Haifa. You can visit any of the three entrances, join a tour, or enjoy the views from Louis Promenade.NoYesFree
11Ursula Malbin’s Sculpture Garden is a hidden gem in Haifa, not far from the Bahai Temple.NoYesFree
12Hiking the Carmel Mountains can be a good fit for many families. Little Switzerland offers various lovely trails. Moreover, there is Finger Cave Trail, The Lake Parking Lot, and many other popular hikes.NoYesFree
13Hanging Bridges at Nesher Park offers a lovely circular hike close to Haifa. And on this path, you will hike in a dry river, visit caves and walk on hanging bridges.NoYesFree
14Haifa offers a nice strip of beaches. Dado Beach is the most popular one. It is a beautiful beach with a promenade, many restaurants, and changing rooms.NoYesFree
15You can take surfing or SUP surfing lessons at one of the clubs in the city.NoYesPaid
16You can hike up to Stella Maris Monastery and then get down using the cable car.NoThe cable car is not working on Saturday.25 NIS per person for the cable car
17Karting can be a fun alternative. And in Haifa, you can find Dan Karting.YesYesPaid
18A tasting tour at Wadi Nisnas (or self-tour with food) can be a good option.NoYesPaid
19You can find hundreds of animals, like giraffes, elephants, monkeys, and birds, in Hay Park, Kiryat Motzkin.NoYes55 NIS per person
20A visit to both Yodfat Monkey Forest and Tel Yodfat National Park can be a lovely combo for a day trip.NoYesYodfat Monkey Forest: starting from 49 NIS per person
21Balagan Yagur is an amusement park near Haifa. And it suits younger kids.PartlyYes88 NIS per child (but there are coupons)
22You can spend several hours up to a full day in Acre. And kids will love to sail from Haifa to Acre and back.NoYesPaid
23If you love nature and Agrotourism, consider checking out different Attractions At Bethlehem Of Galilee (Shvil Parot HaChalavHarvesting Olives At Galili Olive Oil, Ktofoti, Alonei Abba Nature Reserve, and others).NoYesIt depends on your choice
24Ein Afek Nature Reserve near Kiryat Bialik is a wetland with plenty of animals and accessible trails. Hence families with kids love this place.NoYes22 NIS per adult and 9 NIS per child
25Beit Shearim National Park is an archaeological site of an ancient Jewish town, which is a world-famous Jewish cemetery of the Mishnaic era. And my kids always loved exploring the caves. Just do not forget to bring flashlights.PartlyYes22 NIS per adult and 9 NIS per child
26Nahal Mearot Nature Reserve is a world heritage site. It is home to a group of prehistoric caves in which humans lived for 500,000 years. And children usually enjoy the movie and seeing how people lived.NoYes22 NIS per adult and 9 NIS per child
27At the artist’s village Ein Hod on Carmel mountain, you can see exhibitions, join workshops, visit galleries, go to concerts, and more.It depends on the chosen activity.It depends on the chosen activity.It depends on the chosen activity.
28You can find a short-loop family track at Karta Ruins Nature Reserve. You can enjoy nature and archeological remains on this track.NoYesFree
29Dor HaBonim Beach Nature Reserve has a stunning coastal strip with beaches and even some archeology.NoYes22 NIS per adult and 9 NIS per child
30Rosh HaNikra is a geologic formation near the border with Lebanon. NoYes48 NIS per person (but there are coupons)
31Achziv National Park offers stunning beaches with seaside pools, a lovely campsite, and history. Hence it is one of the most popular beaches in Israel.NoYes35 NIS per adult and 21 NIS per child
32Keshet Cave at Adamit Park is near the Lebanon border, and it offers short and lovely hikes, stunning views, rappelling, and a place for a picnic.NoYesFree
33Yehiam Fortress from the Crusader and Ottoman periods, near Nahariya, is a lovely attraction for a short family visit. NoYes14 NIS per adult and 7 NIS per child
34Caesarea National Park is among the most visited sites in Israel. Its significant archeological remains result from more than 2,000 years of history.39 NIS per adult and 24 NIS per child
Places to Visit in Haifa with Kids

(*) Some Haifa museums offer free visits during the weekends.

Attractions for Kids

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