Keshet Cave, Western Galilee – Cave which is not a cave

Keshet Cave at Adamit Park is near the Lebanon border. It offers tracks, stunning views, rappelling, and a place for a picnic.


Keshet Cave is located in Western Galilee, not far from Rosh HaNikra and next to kibbutz Adamit.

Keshet Cave is part of Adamit park, and to reach it, you should take road #899 and then turn to road #8993.

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Road #8993 towards Adamit climbs, and after nine sharp turns, you will see small parking. You can either stop there or continue with the road till you reach the big parking in Adamit park. By choosing the parking, you determine the available trails. So let’s go over the tracks.

The red trail towards Keshet Cave at the small parking
The red trail towards Keshet Cave at the small parking


Here is an interactive map from with trail #2 marked (see the hikes table below).

The following tracks table lists the most common tracks, and it is an unordered table.

#NameDescriptionDistance (meters)Total climb and descent (meters)
1The accessible trackThere is an accessible trail from the main parking at Adamit park to Keshet Cave700 meters (one way)38 meters (one way)
2The accessible path extendedStart with the accessible trail, and at Keshet Cave, take the red trail. Then switch to the blue path leading to the parking.
Note: this is the most popular option.
1.1 km95 meters
3The small parking wayUse the red trail from the small parking towards Keshet Cave600 meters (one way)118 meters (one way)
4Adamit ruinsAn easy loop trail in Adamit park using the blue and green trails.1.4 km74 meters
5RappellingIf you participate in rappelling, then you will take the black trail to return to Keshet Cave780 meters152 meters


  • You can see track marking on the interactive map above.
  • These are the basic blocks, and you can combine several of them into a longer hike. For example, during our most recent visit, we started at the small parking #3 and went along #2.

Opening Hours

Adamit park is open daily from 08:00 to 20:00.

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Keshet Cave

And now, I want to share several photos and tell a little about Keshet Cave. So first, let’s start with an image.

Keshet Cave
Keshet Cave

Wait, where is the cave? This arch is the only one remaining from the cave ceiling that collapsed long ago. And this remnant is the best natural attraction in the area, especially due to the observation point overlooking the landscape. You can see the ridge of Rosh HaNikra, Haifa bay, Carmel, Yehi’am Fortress, Mount Meron, and more.

The red trail leading to Keshet Cave
The red trail leading to Keshet Cave

Keshet means rainbow in Hebrew. The name was given due to the colorful rock formation.

Keshet Cave
Keshet Cave

The cave was permitted for sports climbing at the end of 2012. Since then, the site has been in rapid development, leaning on monetary donations by climbers from all over Israel.

Rappelling in Keshet Cave
Rappelling in Keshet Cave

If you are interested in rappelling, you should find a guide in advance. And if you are wondering about the height, it is 40 meters – the first ten meters by the rocks and then 30 meters in free air.

Adamit Park

The ruins of Adamit belong to a small Byzantine village located in the center of the park.

The ruins of Adamit
The ruins of Adamit

Besides the ruins, you can find picnic tables, restrooms (near the accessible trail), and lovely nature.

At Adamit Park
At Adamit Park

If you want to see flowers, then late winter and spring are the best seasons for a visit.

At Adamit Park
At Adamit Park
Keshet Cave and the Mediterranean Sea
Keshet Cave and the Mediterranean Sea


Keshet Cave offers stunning views, a variety of short trails, and a picnic area. Therefore it is an ideal place for a family visit.

Have you ever been to Keshet Cave? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

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