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Safed Candles

Safed Candles Gallery presents stunning handcrafted candles in the old city of Safed. Let’s begin our visit!

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Safed Candles is located near Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue, on 60 Israel Najara Street. Here is a map of the area with marked POI.

And here is the touristic map of Safed.

Map of Safed
Map of Safed

Note: click on the map to enlarge it.


If you are interested in directions and parking, then check out my guide to Safed.

Safed Candles
Safed Candles

Opening Hours

There is no official website, and different sites list slightly different opening hours. Here are the approximate hours, and I would suggest against visiting too close to the opening or closing time.

Sunday – Thursday: 09:30 – 18:30.
Friday: 09:30 – 14:30.
Saturday: closed.

Contact Information

Phone: 04-682-2068


Safed Candles was begun almost two decades ago by a Tzfat resident, a member of the Breslav Hassidic sect, who was looking to start a small business that would employ some residents. He set up his shop in a small cubby-hole on the edge of the Old City, next to the Ari Ashkenazi synagogue. A small staff of men and women hand-dipped and wove candles from beeswax into candles to be used for Jewish ceremonial purposes – for welcoming the Sabbath, for the Sabbath-close ceremony, Hannukah candles, and others.

The little shop began to grow when tour guides found out about it, and through the years, it expanded, adding paraffin candles to its inventory, which were brightly colored and decorated. With the arrival of Moshe Chaim Gress, an artist who saw the possibilities of sculpting beeswax, the little shop became flooded with tourists who enjoyed his creative sculptures depicting biblical scenes, Jewish caricatures, religious ceremonies, and many more.


Safed Candles
Safed Candles

At Safed Candles

When you enter this store and gallery, you can see where they make some of the candles (but they ask not to photograph that corner). Yes, all these are handcrafted candles.

Besides regular candles, there are many big and beautiful works (all are candles). Here are several examples.

Safed Candles
Safed Candles
Safed Candles
Safed Candles
Safed Candles

As you can see, there are both references to the Bible and modern movies. The works are remarkable. And though we went only to take a look, in the end, we purchased several sets of Shabbat candles, at thirty NIS per set.

Where to buy Safed Candles?

You can purchase Safed Candles either in the store (as we did) or buy them online. I saw that several different online stores, including Amazon, offer them.


Safed Candles was a pleasant surprise on our Safed tour. And if you are visiting the old city, I suggest making a stop there. You can see the unique works and purchase souvenirs.

Have you been to Safed Candles? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

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Additional Resources

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