Hod HaSharon Park – Visitors Guide – Ecological Park with a Lake

Hod HaSharon Park

Hod HaSharon Park offers a lovely hike along the ecological lake, a climb on the top of the former waste dump, and a lovely place for a picnic. Let’s begin exploring!


Hod HaSharon Park is located in the south of the city. It is situated behind the industrial sector, not far from road #5. You can reach it by driving along HaHarash Street till the end. Or you can enter Hod HaSharon Park into Waze.

Interactive Map of the area:

And here is the map of the park:

Map of Hod HaSharon Park
Map of Hod HaSharon Park

Note: you can click on the map to enlarge it.

There is free parking near the park.

Opening Hours

Always open. There are no fences and no gates so you can visit at any time. There is also some artificial light. But I never stayed after sunset, because I expected a lot of mosquitoes.

Entrance Fee


Contact Information

Phone: 053-775-2565
Email: chaimon@calcalit-hod.com
Facebook Page: link


Hod Hasharon Park is an urban nature park created for people to enjoy while maintaining a rich flora and fauna world, once typical of the Yarkon River and the Sharon region landscapes. The park is home to a delicate ecosystem based on treated wastewater. You will find a large ecological lake and a flowing tributary of the Hadar Stream, a birdwatching blind, pedestrian paths, and cycling trails.

When development is complete, the park will cover 1,400 dunams (140 hectares). Among the plans for the park are fitness and playground equipment and a picnic area.

Source: sign on site

Sign at Hod HaSharon Park
Sign at Hod HaSharon Park

Since I showed the photo of the sign, there are several things I should mention. First of all, it is forbidden to start a fire and make BBQ at Hod HaSharon Park. Secondly, swimming and fishing are not allowed. And thirdly I should mention the facilities.

Hod HaSharon Park
Hod HaSharon Park

Facilities at the Park

As you can see from the park’s photos, there are almost no facilities. In the future, there will be fitness and playgrounds for kids. But during my latest visit in March 2021, the only things I saw are several pull-up bars and a couple of dip stations. There were no playgrounds for kids.

Also, there are no dedicated places for picnics. And many people do picnics on the grass. But since most trees are young, there is little shade in the park.

Hod HaSharon Park and Southern industrial area
Hod HaSharon Park and Southern industrial area


There are a birdwatching blind and a small island for birds. Thus it should be the perfect place in theory. In practice, this is a municipal park, and there are lots of people. Hence during all my visits, I saw very few birds. Usually several ducks, and on several occasions, I heard a kingfisher. So if you want to see birds, you will have to arrive for sunrise (during these hours the birds are active and there will be no people).

Hod HaSharon Park
Hod HaSharon Park

And here are several additional photos from the park.

Hod HaSharon Park
Hod HaSharon Park

View of the lake and the garbage mountain that will be restored in the future.

Hod HaSharon Park
Hod HaSharon Park


Hod HaSharon Park is not complete, but it is already a beautiful place for a short visit. A walk around the lake usually takes 10 – 30 minutes, and the climb to the former waste dump ordinarily takes 15 – 40 minutes. Most of my visits were family visits with small children. And we explored the lake area for about 1 – 1.5 hours.

Have you ever been to Hod HaSharon Park? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

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