Hai Kef Zoo At Rishon LeTsiyon

Hai Kef is a small zoo at Rishon LeTsiyon. And today we are going to visit it. Let’s begin!

Note: if you want to find additional info about animals and wildlife, then check out Zoos and Aquariums in Israel‎.


Hai Kef is located at Golda Meir avenue in Rishon LeTsiyon. Not far from Rishon LeTsiyon interchange (road #4 vs #441).

Map of the area:

What Does Hai Kef Mean?

Hai Kef in literal translation means: “live fun”. The intention is that interaction with animals is fun.

Opening Hours

April – September
Sunday – Thursday And Saturday: 9 – 18:30.
Friday and holiday eve: 9 – 15.

October – March
Sunday – Thursday And Saturday: 9 – 17.
Friday and holiday eve: 9 – 15.

Note: the petting corner is open only on Saturday.

Entrance Fee

Children (above 2 years old) and adults 50 NIS per person. And if you buy a family ticket (more then three tickets), then the price goes down to 40 NIS per person.

Pensioner, disabled, student, or soldier – 30 NIS per person.

Note: if you a Rishon LeTsiyon resident, then you can purchase a ticket for 28 NIS. And if you are a resident of the city and a pensioner, disabled, student, or soldier then you can buy a ticket for 20 NIS.

Note: opening hours and ticket prices were updated in June 2020. In any case, recheck the official site before visiting.

At Hai Kef

When you enter Hai Kef at Rishon, you’ll see a garden with plenty of different cactuses:
Hai Kef Zoo At Rishon LeTsiyon
There are about 1,000 different animals in this zoo. It’s not a big zoo and you can cover it in a couple of hours.

Lioness playing with a ball:
Hai Kef at Rishon
I think that 55 NIS is a high price for Hai Kef at Rishon zoo (you are not getting value for money). At almost the same price you can visit Jerusalem zoo and at a little higher price you can visit Safari. Thus, only when I saw a coupon offer (25 NIS per person) I decided to purchase tickets.
Hai Kef Zoo At Rishon LeTsiyon
As you can see many animals are behind bars:
Hai Kef Zoo At Rishon LeTsiyon Hai Kef Zoo At Rishon LeTsiyon
A small pond with flamingos:
Hai Kef Zoo At Rishon LeTsiyon

There is also a petting corner for children.

Note: recently they made some upgrades to the zoo, but I have not returned since my initial visit.


Overall, Hai Kef at Rishon is a nice place to spend several hours with children. Since there are no big animals and the zoo is quite small, I would say it is more appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. Moreover, the prices for non-Rishon residents are not attractive. So I went only when I saw coupons online.

Have you ever visited Hai Kef at Rishon? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. There is currently a coupon for live-fun: https://www.groo.co.il/deal/hay-kef-rishon-lezion/1029808/

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