Egged Museum in Holon

Egged Museum (official site) is located in Holon.

Map of the area:

The museum has more than 80 restorated buses. There are buses starting from the 1940 till current days. I’ve visited this museum and here are couple of photographs:Egged Museum
There are different bus manufacturers. Though many of them are Ford ones, here is a Leyland:Egged Museum
Bus converted to a hospital on wheels:Egged Museum
Interesting form of the front window:
Control panel:
First air conditioned buses arrived at the late 60’s:
Old fuel station. Look at those wheels:
Ford bus:

Overall, the visit is quite nice and it’s free on various occasions (like: independence day). But it’s located on a open parking. Thus, not recommended on hot days. 

Additional Resources

Here are several resources that I created to help travelers:

And if you have any questions then check out Useful Information For Tourists To Israel.

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