The Strawberry and Flower, Ramot HaShavim – Visitors Guide

The strawberry and the flower - self picking

The Strawberry and Flower is a self-picking farm at Ramot HaShavim. And this guide will take you through our latest visit.

Note: for a complete guide about strawberries, see Picking Strawberries – When, Where, and Comparison of Places.

Update: we visited Strawberry and Flower in March 2022. And there are no flowers and no other fruits and vegetables except strawberries.

What is the Strawberry Season in Israel?

As I mentioned in Strawberry Picking At Hod HaSharon, the season is winter (usually December until March). And towards the end of this period, some farms allow strawberry picking (self-picking).

Last year we visited Stalbetut (see Strawberry Picking At Hod HaSharon for additional details). And this year we decided to visit The Strawberry and Flower.


The Strawberry and Flower farm is situated at Ha-Tarnegol Street, Ramot HaShavim.

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Entrance Fee

40 NIS per person with a small basket for strawberries (can fit about half a kg of strawberries). And 30 NIS per person without a basket.

Instead of a small basket, you can take a big plastic box suitable for a bouquet. Moreover, you can purchase an additional basket for 20 NIS and an extra package for 30 NIS.

Note: in 2022, there were no flowers.

The Strawberry and Flower at Ramot HaShavim
The Strawberry and Flower at Ramot HaShavim

Also, I wanted to mention that you can usually find coupons online during the picking season.

Basket of strawberries
Basket of strawberries

Opening Hours

The opening hours will vary depending on the weather and the number of available strawberries. I will mention that they are open on Saturdays. In any case, before visiting, check the opening hours on the official Facebook Page.


The Strawberry and Flower cover about twenty acres. And they grow various plants, but we will start with strawberries.


The strawberries are grown on the land, and you can eat as much as you want.

There were several different types of strawberries. And some of them were huge.

Palm size strawberries
Palm-size strawberries


After visiting greenhouses with strawberries, we continued to the greenhouses with flowers.

When we entered the flowers section, it reminded me of the Buttercup Picking Festival.

There were primarily buttercups and anemones. And you could make a lovely and colorful bouquet.

The strawberry and the flower - self picking in Israel
Some interesting facts about anemones

And if you love anemones, check out Festival Darom Adom.

Flowers at The strawberry and the flower

Our visit was just after the big migration of butterflies. And we saw hundreds of them in the greenhouses.

The strawberry and the flower - self picking in Israel


Beyond what is mentioned in the name, you can find some vegetables at The Strawberry and Flower.

Here is, for example, the pepper greenhouse with several trivia facts.

Peppers at The strawberry and flower
Peppers at The strawberry and flower

Did you know that cucumbers originated in India? And as you guessed, this is the cucumber greenhouse.

The array of vegetables was not too wide. And not in all cases did we find ripe vegetables. But it is a lovely addition to the attraction.

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The Strawberry and Flower is a lovely attraction at Ramot HaShavim. We spent around two hours at this farm and enjoyed our visit. And if you love Agritourism, then consider visiting this place.

Note: if you are interested in similar places, check out the Agrotourism category.

Have you ever been to The Strawberry and Flower at Ramot HaShavim? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!


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