Anemone Forest HaSargel, Landing Plane Megiddo – Visitors Guide

Anemone Forest HaSargel (Landing Plane Megiddo)

Near the landing plane Megiddo you can find anemone forest HaSargel. Easy trails in the forest allow seeing anemones of different colors.


Anemone Forest HaSargel is near the landing plane Megiddo and not far from Tel Megiddo National Park. It is also situated near road #65 at the section where it is a straight line since it was drawn using a ruler on a map (HaSargel road). And the easiest way to reach this spot is by entering “Landing Plane Megiddo” into the navigation app.

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Interactive map of the area:


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Always open, but visit only during daylight.

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Near the entrance to the landing plane Megiddo, you will see two loop trails (one on each side of the road). Both tracks are accessible, and you can visit with baby strollers. But since it is a dirt road, it can be muddy after rain.

You can complete the west or the east section or hike them both. The total length of both loop trails is about 2 km.

When to visit anemone forest HaSargel?

If you love flowers, you are probably familiar with Festival Darom Adom. Darom Adom is known for the immense fields of anemones that color the desert red. In both cases, anemones bloom during February (the more comprehensive range is January – March, depending on the weather). And as in the festival Darom Adom, many people come to visit. Thus if you are visiting on a Saturday, arrive early.

Cars Park along HaSargel Road
Cars Park along HaSargel Road

We visited on a Saturday in February, and by 10:30, there were very few parking places inside. You could find parking, but that means spending more time in the car.

Moreover, if you arrive early, you will have to leave when there are many people. Thus, if you do not mind an extra five-minute walk along the road, I suggest parking near the entrance or by road #65.

The Trails

Near the beginning of the eastern trail, you can find explanation signs.

Anemone Forest HaSargel
Anemone Forest HaSargel

Anemone Trail – a system of loop trails with a total length of about 2 km around a large concentration of anemones. There are anemones in various colors: white, pink, purple, and red. In the area, you can see the remains of the Mandatory airport. Around the fields of anemones, walking paths were created.

Do not descend from these paths to maintain the dense and flowering carpets.

The anemone is one of the most prominent flowers in the Israeli landscape. It is common throughout the Mediterranean basin, mainly in Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Israel. The anemone is familiar, thanks to being a protected plant. The color of the anemone varies and includes red, white, purple, pink, and more.

The color differences of the anemones are probably caused by preferences in growing conditions that are mainly moisture of the soil, soil compositions and climatic conditions. The red anemone is durable in most situations, therefore, it is the most common type.

The flower closes at night and opens in the morning. The flowering period from mid to late winter

Source: sign

The trail goes along the landing plane. And in the following photograph, you can see it in the background.

Landing Plane Megiddo

In 1941 the British built a military airport north of here. This airport was a unit in a dense network of military airports constructed in Israel during World War II in the face of a German threat to the area. This airport is intended to assist in an emergency to the Royal Air Force Airport in Ramat David.

The abandoned buildings of the airport “hosted” in 1949 the founders of Moshav Hayogev. They came here from the Mitzpe Beit Eshel at the end of the War of Independence after being under siege by the Egyptian army for about six months.

The Megiddo airport became famous in October 1989 when a Syrian MiG-23 plane landed in Israel, whose pilot defected to Israel. Few British buildings remain in the field, including the operations bunker and the control tower.

The airfield is currently used mainly by light civil aviation and operates a private flight school and a soaring club.

Source: sign

I also wanted to mention that there are several food trucks, including Druze Pita and ice cream, on Saturdays during the blooming season.

Several additional photos from the hike:

Many people have picnics in the forest. And lighting fire is forbidden.

Here are several additional photos:


Anemone Forest HaSargel by landing plane Megiddo is a lovely place for a family visit. We spent there about two hours, and everybody (from toddlers to grandparents) enjoyed the visit.

This area has many attractions, and you can explore them using the interactive map above.

Have you visited Anemone Forest HaSargel? Tell us in the comment below about your experience.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

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