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Cyclamen Trail, part of Ramat Menashe Park, is a short and lovely family trail. And it is stunning during the flower’s bloom.


Cyclamen Trail is part of Ramat Menashe Park. It is located near Kibbutz Gal’ed. And the easiest way to reach it is by entering its name into Waze.

Directions for drivers: Link to Waze and Link to Google Maps
Directions for public transport: Link to Moovit

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Interactive map of the area:


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There is a free parking lot by road #672. And when it is full, people park along the road.


In the photo above, the parking lot is in the distance. There are picnic tables on the left. But there are only a handful of tables. Thus, if you want to picnic there, you must arrive early. The trail begins near the wooden structures on the right.

Opening Hours

There are no gates, and you can enter at any time. But since there is no artificial light, visit only during the day.

Entrance Fee



Cyclamen Trail is a short and easy loop trail. According to the sign (photo below), the trail length is 600 meters. But my watch showed a bigger distance. So I rechecked, and according to it, the trail length from road #672 is 1.12 km, and you will be climbing up and down 37 meters.

When To Visit?

According to the following quote, the best time to visit the Cyclamen Trail is from December to March. But from my experience, December is usually too early, and it is better from mid-January to March.

Note: the photos in this post are from our mid-February visit.

Return to the car and continue on the scenic road. The road passes the area that separates between Taninim River and Saflul River and leads to the Kibbutz Galed highway (Route 672) near the Cyclamen Forest. In winter, between December and March, the forested hill is covered with thousands of cyclamen blossoms. During this season, we recommend parking the car in the large parking area, crossing the road on foot and hiking up the hill.

Source: KKL

As you can see from the photos, many people visit this place on weekends. If you can, arrive in the middle of the week. And if you visit on a Saturday or a holiday, arrive early or in the afternoon. Typically, during the season, between 10:00 and 12:00, there will be traffic jams on road #672.

Here are several photos from the trail:

Is there mud on the trail?

Our most recent visit was in winter after several sunny days. And I hoped that the trail would be completely dry. But the bottom part still had a lot of mud. Thus, if you visit less than a week after the last rain, there is a good chance there will be mud. Hence, wear appropriate shoes. And my last tip is to wash the shoes by the road. Near the road, there was shallow running water (previous photo), which was ideal for washing the dirt from the shoes.


This is a lovely family short trail with many flowers during the season. You can also find a picnic table if you visit off-season or arrive early.

Since many other points of interest are nearby, you can always combine a visit with other places. You can find additional attractions on the interactive map at the top of this page.

Have you ever been to Cyclamen Trail? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you on future trips!

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