M’shoch BaGezer – Visitors Guide (Prices, Coupons, and More)

M’shoch BaGezer is a self-picking farm near Kfar Saba. And it offers two experiences: self-picking of vegetables or gathering strawberries and flowers.

Note: for a complete guide about strawberries, see Picking Strawberries – When, Where, and Comparison of Places.


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M’shoch BaGezer is located on Ha-Movil Street in Tzofit, near northern Kfar Saba. And the easiest way to get there is by entering “M’shoch BaGezer self picking” into Waze.

Map of the area:

Entrance to M'shoch BaGezer and Kfar Saba
Entrance to M’shoch BaGezer and Kfar Saba

There is spacious free parking by the entrance.

Opening Hours

M’shoch BaGezer is usually open from September till May. They are open on Saturdays and holidays from 09:00 till 16:00.

On other days of the week, you have to coordinate your visit by phone: 054-5288335 or 09-9570220.

Note: opening hours depend on the weather and the availability of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, check before visiting (see contact information below).

Entrance to M'shoch BaGezer
Entrance to M’shoch BaGezer

Contact Information

Phone: 054-5288335 and 09-9570220
Facebook: @PullGezer
Website: pullgezer.co.il

Entrance Fee

  • Self picking of vegetables – 45 NIS per person. Everybody above the age of 3 require a ticket. Entrance fee also includes a 50-60 minutes tour (tours start approximetly every twenty minutes from 9:15 till 14:30), and eating vegetables at the fields.
  • Family basket of vegetables – during the self picking, you can fill a basket with different types of vegetable and take home. The basket holds up to 10 kg and costs 60 NIS.
  • Strawberry picking – 35 NIS per person and an extra 10 NIS for every basket (fits about 300 grams) you want to take home.

We visited M’shoch BaGezer in march 2021. During that visit, I photographed the entrance fee sign. But when I checked in November 2021, the prices went up.

Entrance Fee
Entrance Fee

Note: if you are visiting with babies, do not take a baby stroller. Use a baby carrier instead.


As of November 2021, I did not find coupons online. If you find any discounts, please leave a comment below, and I will update this post.

At M’shoch BaGezer

After entering M’shoch BaGezer, you can find a big shaded area. This area is situated between two buildings, and there are picnic tables.

M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer

Inside the buildings, you can find several big rooms. There are rooms with games for kids and a small tractor exhibition. Here are several photos:

M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer
M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer
M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer

On Saturdays, there is a Druze corner where you can buy some food.

Strawberry Self Picking

To pick vegetables, you join a tour. But strawberries self-picking is independent. After purchasing tickets, you are pointed to the field. Here it is:

Strawberry Self Picking at M'shoch BaGezer
Strawberry Self Picking at M’shoch BaGezer

As in all other farms, you can eat strawberries from the plants. And that is what we started doing.


There was only one kind of strawberry from what we saw, and it was not that tasty. Perhaps the taste was because we visited towards the end of the season (middle of March).

M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer

Here are several additional photos:

M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer
M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer

Near the strawberries, there are several rows of flowers. But their season probably also almost ended, and many flowers wilted. Here are several that remained:

M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer
M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer

We spent about half an hour picking strawberries and returned to the rooms with games for children.

M'shoch BaGezer
M’shoch BaGezer


In total, we spent a little more than one hour at M’shoch BaGezer. It included both strawberry picking and games rooms. And though I love agrotourism, we left disappointed. My main complaint is similar to criticism most people have, the entrance fee is too high, and you do not get value for money.

You can argue that the entrance fee to picking vegetables is very similar to The Salad Trail. But at The Salad Trail, there is a wider variety, and the tour lasts about 2.5 hours (instead of 45 minutes here). The pricing of strawberry picking is similar to other nearby places, like Tutland. But other farms, for the same price, offer more than one field of strawberries. Thus, it is one of those rare occasions that I can not recommend a place.

Have you visited M’shoch BaGezer? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

For other similar places, check out agrotourism.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!


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