Buttercup Picking Festival – Visitors Guide – Colorful Experience

Buttercup picking festival

During the season (usually April – May), you can enjoy and pick many colorful flowers at the Buttercup Picking Festival in Be’er Tuvia.

When Does the Buttercup Picking Festival take place?

Buttercup flowers, also known as Ranunculus, usually bloom from the end of March until the end of May.

Note: the exact dates depend on the weather. For example, in 2022, we visited in the second half of April, towards the end of the season. While in 2016, the end of April was the peak of the season.


Last Saturday, we visited the Kedma Buttercup Picking Festival (official Facebook page). This festival takes place in Be’er Tuvia as long as the flowers bloom. Enter “Israel Tal, Be’er Tuvia” to Waze, and you will reach close enough. From there, you will see big signs directing you to the farm.

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We parked next to the field, and we saw the flower field.

Buttercup Picking Festival in Be'er Tuvia
Buttercup Picking Festival in Be’er Tuvia

Opening Hours

Usually, during the weekends, they are open from 9:00 – 17:00.

Entrance Fee

Entrance costs: 60 NIS per family that wants to pick Buttercups (you receive scissors and a plastic can where you keep the flowers) and 10 NIS per person that does not want to pick flowers (to enjoy the view and take photographs).

See the official Facebook page for the updated opening hours and entrance fee. But before you skip to the official Facebook page, I suggest reading my tips below (marked in bold).

Buttercup Picking Festival in Be'er Tuvia

At the Buttercup Picking Festival

There are many different Buttercups. The first rows had buttercups of mixed color, and then there were red, purple, yellow, white, and others.

Buttercup Picking Festival in Be'er Tuvia

They usually open at 9:30 on Saturdays, and I recommend coming as early as possible. The later you arrive, the more people and the hotter it will be. It means you will have photographs of poorer quality (harsh sunlight and no apparent horizons), and it will be hot for you and the flowers. It will shorten the lifespan of the picked Buttercups.

Buttercup Picking Festival in Be'er Tuvia

One important thing that I learned after this visit is that it is hot for the Buttercups that are picked. Thus, I recommend taking photos in the beginning. Just before leaving, pick the flowers. Next to the entrance to the field, you can find water. Add water to the plastic jar. This way, the flowers will be without water for only a short period. Alternatively, you can add water to the plastic jar as you enter.

Here are several photos of the flowers:

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Since it got sweltering, it was not a long visit (do not forget water and sunscreen). On average, we spent 1.5 – 2 hours at the field.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit to the Buttercup Picking Festival. It was fun for both adults and children. My daughter had fun preparing her bouquet. Moreover, 60 NIS is cheaper than buying flowers at a florist. Thus, if you are in the area, I would recommend it.

Note: if you are in the area and love flowers, check out Hibiscus Farm. And if you want to pick buttercups, see The Strawberry and Flower at Ramot HaShavim.

Stay Tuned!

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