Science Museums in Israel – Overview, Best and Recommendations

Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem

This review will go over the most popular science museums in Israel. Then make a comparison and give recommendations.

Science Museums in Israel

Before going over science museums, I wanted to make a short preface. Science museums in Israel usually concentrate on hands-on experiences. In these museums, children interact by playing with most stands. Thus children love visiting these museums. And since they are aimed towards children, after going over the most popular science museums, we will review the best museums for kids and other honorable mentions.

Comparison of Science Museums

Though there are many museums in Israel, when it comes to science museums, there are three big places and several smaller ones. And in the following table, I will list the biggest ones first.

Note: I revisited all the big science museums during the last year and a half. And you can click on the museum’s name to read more about it.

Museum NameLocationEntrance FeeCouponsEstimated Visit DurationRating on Google
Madatech – Israel National Museum of ScienceHaifaAdults and children (above five years old) – 89 NIS per personThere is a variety of coupons. The best allows purchasing tickets for 48 NIS2 – 6 hours4.5/5 based on 4,691 reviews
Bloomfield Science MuseumJerusalemAdults and children (5 years old and older): regular 45 NIS and holidays 60 NIS.38 NIS for a regular visit and 51 NIS during holidays 2 – 5 hours4.4/5 based on 3,406 reviews
Carasso Science ParkBeershebaThe full ticket price for adults is 79 NIS and 59 NIS per children49 NIS per person2 – 4 hours4.5/5 based on 2,778 reviews
Clore Garden of ScienceRehovotAdults – 40 NIS and children (5 – 18 years old) – 35 NISThere are coupons from time to time that offer about 5 NIS discounts.1.5 – 3.54.5/5 based on 1,198 reviews
TechnodaHadera48 NIS per person (ticket for the science park and the museums). Children up to 4 years enter for free.Some credit companies offer 1+1, and here you can buy tickets for 35 NIS.2 – 4 hours4.3/5 based on 1,195 reviews

So which one should you choose? Since we loved all of them, and as you can see, the rating is relatively similar, you can not go wrong with any of them. Thus the easiest selection method would be going to the closest one.

You can also choose the science museum depending on the age of your kids. A smaller museum with a garden will suit toddlers and preschoolers (you probably will not visit the exhibitions anyway). And if you have older kids (say older than seven), you can head to the bigger ones (the first three in the table).

Museums for Children

And now, let’s go over other museums in Israel that children love.

Attractions for Kids

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Other Popular Museums

In this section, I will mention other popular museums. Museums that are not explicitly aimed towards children but with the right approach will be suitable for a whole family visit.

  • Israel Museum In Jerusalem is the biggest museum in the country. There are many different exhibitions, and everybody can find something they like.
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art suits families that love painting, photography, and other art forms.
  • Tikotin Museum Of Japanese Art is the only museum in Israel that is dedicated to this topic.
  • Design Museum Holon is dedicated to designing, and some exhibitions are suitable for kids.
  • The Museum For Islamic Art contains many beautiful items (like their watches collection) and has workshops for kids.
  • The Tower Of David museum presents the history of Jerusalem. And beyond the exhibits, you can go for a night show.
  • Ticho House can be a lovely place for a short visit.


As you can see, there is a wide array of options, and I hope this guide will give you some ideas and help you. If you have any questions or suggestions, then leave a comment below.


Additional Resources

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