Water Hikes, Springs and Rivers in Israel (25+ Places)

Water-based activities are an excellent way to beat the heat during summer. In this guide, we will explore water hikes and springs.

Important note: sometimes (usually during the summer), some streams may be polluted. Thus, recheck the pollution level before visiting. Usually, the Nature And Parks Authority (example) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection (example) issue statements.

Water Hikes

Pools in nature, for example, Ein Yizrael, that require only a short walk, are usually overcrowded. Therefore, I prefer water hikes over springs. Here are my favorite water hikes:

NameLocationTrail LengthEntrance FeeComments
Ein BokekBy the Dead Sea3.5 – 4.5 km / 2 – 3 hoursFreeThere are short and long trails.
Ein Gedi Nature ReserveBy the Dead Sea1 – 6 hoursAdult – 28 NIS, child – 14 NISThere are two entrances. Choose Wadi David and David Fall or Wadi Arugot.
Ein Prat Nature ReserveNot far from Jerusalem1 – 6 km / 1 – 5 hoursAdult – 29 NIS, child – 15 NISAlso known as Wadi Qelt and Nahal Prat.
Nahal KibbutzimBeit Shean valley2.1 km / 1 – 3 hoursFreeThere are also water slides, a pool, and a picnic area.
Alona Park (Mey Kedem)Near Zikhron Yaakov300 meters / 20 – 30 metersAdult – 35 NIS, child – 30 NISMey Kedem is an ancient water tunnel in Alona Park, not far from Zikhron Yaakov. And you can walk inside the water tunnel.
Majrase – Betiha Nature ReserveNear the Sea of Galilee1.6 km / 1 – 3 hoursAdult – 28 NIS, child – 14 NISThere is an accessible route and water entrance.
Amud Stream Nature ReserveNot far from Safed1 – 6 kmUpper Amud Stream: Adult – 28 NIS, child – 14 NIS
Lower Amud Stream: free
There are many different trails at the upper and lower parts of the stream.
Ein HardalitPart of Nakhal Kziv Reserve, near Nahariya1.5 km / 1 – 4 hoursFree
Nahal ZavitanNear Katzrin6 – 8 km / 4 – 5 hoursFreeThe length depends on the selected trail (lower/upper Zavitan stream).
Yehudiya Nature ReserveNear KatzrinUpper Yehudiya trail: 4 km / 3 hoursAdult – 22 NIS, child – 9 NISThe trails at Yehudiya and Zavitan are not easy.
Jilabun StreamNear Katzrin3 km / 3 hoursFree
Ein Tina (Ein Notera)On the slopes of Golan Heights0.8 – 2.2 km / 2 – 4 hoursFreeThere are also small ponds.
Snir Stream Nature Reserve (Hasbani)Near Kiryat Shmona1 km / 1 – 3 hoursAdult – 28 NIS, child – 14 NISThere are many other trails in this nature reserve.


  • This list includes only hikes where you can enter the water. For example, at Banias Nature Reserve, you hike along the water, but entering the water is forbidden. You can walk to the Syrian tank if you are near Banias and want to enter the water (for additional details, see Banias).
  • You can find weather statistics and additional suggestions for summer activities at Summer in Israel.
  • The places in the list are ordered by location (from south to north).

Springs and Rivers

In this section, we will go over the most popular springs and rivers where people swim.

NameLocationEntrance FeeComments
Haniya SpringNear JerusalemAdult 14 NIS, child 7 NISYou can find two small pools at this national park.
Ein Hemed National ParkNear JerusalemAdult 22 NIS, child 9 NISThere is a small spring, and it is mostly suitable for younger children.
Tel Afek (Antipatris), Yarkon National ParkNear Petah TikvaAdult 28 NIS, child 14 NISThere is a spring with several paddling pools. Young kids love this place.
Hidden Waterfall, Hod HasharonNear Hod HasharonFreeThere is a small waterfall with a nearby pool.
The Lea HouseNear Hod HasharonFreeLovely place by the Yarkon River.
Gan HaShlosha (Sahne) National ParkBeit Shean valleyAdult 39 NIS, child 24 NISPools with picnic area and history.
Spring Valley Park: Ein Shokek, Ein Migdal, and Ein ModaBeit Shean valleyYou can walk for free or rent a bicycle/club car.For additional info, see Nahal Kibbutzim.
Ein YizraelNear AfulaFreePicnic area with a pool in the center.
Ein AvielNear BinyaminaFreeYou can swim or walk in Nahal Taninim.
Nahal HaShofetNear YokneamFreeVariety of trails (starting from 2km) with several places where you can enter the water.
Alroi SpringNear Kiryat Tiv’onFreeA Spring with nearby historical and Valley Railway Station.
Southern Jordan RiverNear the southern shore of the Sea of GalileeFreeGolan Heights, near the intersection of roads #99 and #989
Ein YivkaNear Kiryat Tiv’onFreeEin Yivka, also known as the “Horse Spring,” is one of three springs feeding the Tzipori River. There is a big pool, and you can also hike there.
Horshat Tal National ParkNear Kibbutz HaGoshrimAdult 39 NIS, child 24 NISThere is a big pool and various other attractions.
Saar FallsGolan Heights, near the intersection of roads #99 and #989FreeBehind Saar Falls, there is a big pool. There are also trails.
Tel Dan Nature ReserveNot far from Kiryat ShmonaAdult 28 NIS, child 14 NISThere are many trails, and there is also a wading pool.
Ayun Stream and Tanur WaterfallNear MetulaAdult 28 NIS, child 14 NISThere are trails and a wading pool by the lower parking.


I hope this post gave you new suggestions. And if you have any recommendations, leave a comment below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!


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