Hidden Waterfall, Hod Hasharon – Free Pool in Yarkon River

You can find the hidden waterfall near the meeting point of the Yarkon and Kana rivers (to the south of Hod Hasharon).


The hidden waterfall has many names. And in this section, I wanted to mention the most common ones.

  • Hidden Waterfall Sharon – since it is located in the Sharon area.
  • Hidden Waterfall Hod Hasharon – because it is situated south of Hod Hasharon.
  • Hidden Waterfall Petah Tikva – since it is located north of Petah Tikva.
  • Hidden Waterfall Yarkon – after the name of the river.
  • Hidden Waterfall Sharonit – due to the nearby Saronim mall.


Hidden Waterfall is located south of Hod Hasharon, not far from Hod HaSharon Park. And the easiest way to reach it is by entering “Hidden Waterfall Sharonit” into Waze (link to Waze).

Directions for drivers: Link to Waze and Link to Google Maps
Directions for public transport: Link to Moovit

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Interactive map of the area:


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The Road

There is no good road to the waterfall. When we drove there, Waze took us from road #402. You can find Neve Yarak nursery on the opposite side of the road from Sharonim mall. After getting off road #402 to Neve Yarak nursery, you continue with the dirt road till you reach your destination. Any car can pass there, but the dirt road condition is not good. Also, do not drive there after the rain.

Waze tried to take us through Hod HaSharon Park when we ended our visit. But at some stage, we stumbled upon a closed gate. After several attempts, we reached HaHarash Street in Hod Hasharon. But since there were construction works, some side streets were closed.


There is free parking near the hidden waterfall.


Opening Hours

Always open.

Entrance Fee


Sign at the Hidden Waterfall, Hod Hasharon
Sign at the Hidden Waterfall, Hod Hasharon

Can You Enter the Water?

When you approach the area, you will see a sign saying the water is unsuitable for drinking and swimming.


If you look at the following panorama, the waterfall is at the meeting point of the Yarkon and Kana rivers. To the left, you can see Yarkon, which is suitable for swimming. And to the right, you can see the Kana river, which is polluted (treated sewage water – but we did not feel any smell).

Hidden Waterfall, Hod Hasharon
Hidden Waterfall, Hod Hasharon

Thus you can enter the water only to the left of the waterfall. Do not enter the Kana river.

Hidden Waterfall and Kana river
Hidden Waterfall and Kana river

The Waterfall and the Pool

The construction of the river crossing created the waterfall. Moreover, as a result, it also created a pool to the left (upstream of the Yarkon river).

Hidden Waterfall Sharonit
Hidden Waterfall Sharonit

During our visit (August 2022), the water was not cold, and the pool depth was mainly waist level.

The Pool
The Pool

When to visit the Hidden Waterfall?

Despite its name, it is no longer hidden. It is a popular place, and many people visit it during weekends. Moreover, since there are no facilities (restroom, garbage collection, and so on), the more people there, the louder and filthier it will be. Therefore I would recommend only visiting on weekdays, the same as we did.

Alternatively, if you have no choice, you can try arriving early during the weekend.

Hidden Waterfall Sharonit
Hidden Waterfall Sharonit


The biggest advantage of the hidden waterfall is that it is free. And if you love such places, then upstream of the Yarkon river, you can find the Lea house and Tel Afek (Antipatris), Yarkon National Park (it has paddling pools).

This area has many attractions, and you can explore them using the interactive map above.

Have you visited Hidden Waterfall Sharonit? Tell us in the comment below about your experience.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!


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2 thoughts on “Hidden Waterfall, Hod Hasharon – Free Pool in Yarkon River

  1. Is there comfortable seating?
    Is it allowed to light a fire on the premises (BBQ)

    1. Hi David,

      There are no facilities. No place for barbeque and no tables/benches. Some people brought mats and had picnics.
      There were no signs regarding lighting fire, but since the place is quite small and without any facilities, not sure it is suitable.

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