Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess – Full Guide (with Coupons)

Parrot Farm is a colorful attraction in Kfar Hess (Sharon area). You can find there many different parrots and farm animals.


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  • We have visited the parrot farm at Kfar Hess three times over the last decade, and today I will tell you about our impressions and show photos from our latest visit.


Parrot Farm is located in Kfar Hess. And the simplest way to find it is by entering “Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess” into the navigation app.

Directions for drivers: Link to Waze and Link to Google Maps
Directions for public transport: Link to Moovit

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Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday, and Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00
Friday and holiday eve: 10:00 – 15:00

Entrance Fee

Adult – 35 NIS.
Child (2 – 14 years old) – 45 NIS.
Toddler (1 – 2 years old) – 10 NIS.
Children under the age of 1 enter for free.

Note: the opening hour and entrance fee were updated in December 2022, and in any case, before visiting, recheck the official site.


Usually, you can find coupons and discounts online through various credit card clubs. But, currently (December 2022), I did not find any deals.

Contact Information

Phone: 09-7961773

Selling Parrots

Parrot Farm sells parrots, including Jaco, cockatoo, Ara, and Eclectus. If you are interested, contact the farm using the contact information above.

Additional Attractions at Parrot Farm

During our last visit, the entrance ticket, besides the visit to the farm, included participation at three different attractions on site. These attractions were: one pony ride (additional ride tickets can be purchased at extra cost), one-time preparing pita bread in a taboon, and participation in the children’s creative corner (clay art).


In general, the parrot farm was not maintained well. And in the additional attractions, you can see it as well. When we arrived at the children’s creative corner, it was messy, and nobody was there. At the pita bread corner, there was a teenager next to the taboon, and as soon as we finished, he took a break. Thus people who arrived while my daughter ate the pita with chocolate found nobody and could try again later or pass. The pony ride was a joke. It lasts probably less than two minutes.

The team is tired and not too engaged. Thus do not expect to receive any explanations about the parrots.

And from our experience, over the years, the maintenance has become worse.

So far, I have mentioned the bad things. So now, let’s talk about the good stuff.

The Parrots

When entering the parrot farm, you pass through the store, and in front of you will see a room with free parrots. For many people, this is the main attraction. Beyond parrots that you can hold, there are tiny chicks and different explanatory stands (so maybe you will not receive explanations, but you can read and find out new things).

Chicks heated in a small cage
Chicks heated in a small cage

This Ara parrot wanted to sit on somebody. So I gave him my hand, and he climbed my shoulder. The problem was that I wanted to move on after about ten minutes, but the parrot liked his new location and did not want to get off. After several minutes, we were able to return him to the stand. And when I came closer to photograph him, he raised one leg signaling that he preferred being on my shoulder. That’s why in this photo, he is standing on one leg.

Ara Parrot
Ara Parrot

Another excellent idea I have not seen is a row of cages with birdhouses where the back wall is transparent. You can see one house, several eggs, and one baby parrot.

Birdhouse with a transparent back wall
Birdhouse with a transparent back wall

Behind the transparent back wall, another wooden barrier is closed except for a short glimpse.

Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess

You can also buy parrots there. All these parrots were for sale. But before buying a parrot, I recommend reading the Parrot Story we were told during our visit to Safari Ramat Gan.

Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess

This cockatoo was less friendly. He looked sleepy and did not want to climb anybody.


A poster that demonstrates different egg sizes:

Different Egg Sizes
Different Egg Sizes

Farm Animals

There are also different farm animals that you can feed. There was plenty of lettuce, and we fed goats, sheep, and other farm animals.

Feeding Goats
Feeding Goats

The variety of parrots is quite wide. Besides the first room with free parrots, there is a big area with cages at the end.

Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess
Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess

Here is an overview of the back room with the cages of different parrots.

Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess
Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess

And lastly, we went to prepare pita bread.

Pita bread in taboon
Pita bread in taboon

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Our last visit lasted about two hours, and as I mentioned, the downsides are tidiness and lack of enthusiasm from the team. But in general, young children enjoy this attraction. Let them pet a parrot, feed some farm animals, and participate in an art corner, and they are happy. I asked my daughter, and she enjoyed the visit.

I would not recommend visiting the parrot farm from far away, but if you live close by or find coupons, it can be an excellent attraction.

Also, Parrot Farm is suitable for younger children but probably will be boring for teenagers (unless they love parrots).

Have you ever visited the parrot farm? How was it? Let us know in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

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