HaMinsara – The Carpentry – The Sawmill In Makhtesh Ramon

HaMinsara AKA The Carpentry or The Sawmill allows seeing a unique phenomenon inside Makhtesh Ramon.

Basic Info

HaNagariya (“Carpentry Shop”) – a concentration of prism-shaped stones. The prisms are the result of the “baking” of the sandstone in the high temperatures caused by fiery lava erupting from the depths of the earth. The great heat transformed the rock which, when it cooled, created thousands of polygonal pillars, and these broken pillars form the “Carpentry Shop.”

Source: Makhtesh Ramon – Nature Reserve and Visitors Center’s official site.

Note: HaMinsara in Hebrew means sawmill.


HaMinsara is located close to Ammonite Wall (about 5km from Mitzpe Ramon). When driving on road #40, you will see a sign to HaMinsara. If you follow this sign after approximately 1.5 km, you will reach small car parking. From the parking, there is a wooden path.

Map of the area:


That is the beginning:HaMinsara
HaMinsara in Hebrew means sawmill. This place called sawmill since the stones look like pieces of wood.

The sandstone in this area went through a high-temperature metamorphosis. After high heating and cooling down, the sandstone cracked into hexagonal shapes.HaMinsaraHaMinsaraHaMinsaraHaMinsara

View on road #40 coming down from Mitzpe Ramon:View from HaMinsaraHaMinsaraHaMinsaraHaMinsaraHaMinsara

This circular route takes about 30 min. HaMinsara is a competently open place, i.e., free entry and no visiting hours. But, you should keep in mind there is no artificial light. Meaning that visiting during the daytime is recommended.


If you in the area, it is worth a visit. This nice short trail allows seeing an interesting phenomenon. And if you are looking for nearby attractions then check out Mitzpe Ramon And Makhtesh Ramon post.


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