Camel Ride In The Negev

Though Israel is a small country it has both desert and snowy mountains (occasionally). Thus you can experience both camel ride and skiing.

CameLand – Camel Ranch Near Dimona

I have ridden camels only once previously when I was a small child. And I thought it would be a nice family experience. So we drove to CameLand (official site). It is a camel ranch not far from Dimona.

Map of the area:

Camels at the ranch

The camels are lying (like in the photo above), so it’s very easy to get on. The only scary moment is when they stand up (back legs first so you have to hold on).

We took the one-hour camel tour (starts every hour). It cost 75 NIS per adult and 65 NIS per child.

The one hour tour stars at the ranch, then you are led to a viewpoint of the Nabataean city Mamshit and back.

Camel ride

The camel caravan is led by the instructor which also tells you a little about the farm, the camels, and Mamshit. For example, did you know that camel’s blood is different from other animals? It has the potential of absorbing big quantities of water. If a cow would drink the same amount of water, it would die.

Camel ride

If you’re traveling with younger kids, then you will share a sitting place. Older kids (5-6 years old) could sit by themselves.

My daughter was 2.5 years old on the ride and she loved it.

Lucky, the camels are probably used to photographing, and nobody spat on me 🙂

Overall, we enjoyed the ride and got some nice photos, what else can you ask for 😉

You can combine camel ride with a visit Mamshit National Park for a half day tour.


That’s all for today and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

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