Alpaca Farm (official site) is located at Mitzpe Ramon in Southern Israel. Though it’s called Alpaca Farm there are many Lamas as well.

Map of the area:

Do you how to determine who is who? It’s quite simple, Lama is bigger and stronger and used to carry weights. In the same manner as camels used in the desert. While Alpaca is much tender animal, and main purpose is its beautiful fur.

This is lama:Lama

Do you know who is the closest Animals of Lama and Alpaca? Maybe it’s hard to believe, but it’s the camel (actually they were created as a breeding of different camel types). Thus, they also have the habits of camels. Meaning if you get on their nerves they will spit on you.

We visited the alpaca farm during Passover vacation. This is the season when shearing of the alpacas take place. We received a short explanation and a demonstration:Alpaca farmAlpaca farm

Then we were invited into a small house where the wool is processed.Alpaca farm
As you can see according to machinery there are several steps in the productions. They start from washing, combing and end with thread production. These threads are later used for clothing.Alpaca farmAlpaca farm
There is a small store where you can buy some of their products. There were mainly small clothing accessories like gloves and hats.
Lama:Alpaca farm

And these are alpacas:Lama

In the following a short video, that  was made by my Dad, you can see our guide telling a little about the process.

My daughter enjoyed the visit. And since they have the shearing festival at the Alpaca Farm annually during Passover vacation, this would be the recommended visiting period.

Also, I haven’t specifically mentioned, but the tour is aimed at families with children.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you in future travels!

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