Cinemagraph, Moving photo of Hallstatt

Cinemagraphs are photos with motion. Usually subtle repeated motion. If you remember “Harry Photos” movies then you probably remember photos with moving portraits and the pictures inside newspapers were also moving. These are Cinemagraphs.

How to Create Cinemagraphs?

There are three methods I’m familiar with:

  • There are several applications that mimic Cinemagraphs. For example by adding rain/snow or some other moving effect to an existing picture. After adding the effect, this is no longer a jpeg. It’s either a movie format or an animated GIF.
  • There are also applications that help you to capture and create the Cinemagraph using the smartphone.
  • The last method is using Photoshop. Yes, Photoshop can manipulate videos.

I’ve used the last method. Before going to Austria I’ve watched several tutorials on YouTube and decided to go for it. Here is one of those tutorials:

Capturing technique is quite simple. I looked for a nice frame with repetitive motion. The repetitive motion can be the wind that’s gently moving something (flowers, flags or even your wife’s hair 😉 ), moving water, candles or something else. Then I put my camera on a tripod and captured a still image and a short video (with the same aperture and white balance settings). You can create Cinemagraphs without the still image, but I preferred to have it since the dynamic range in photos is much bigger. Thus, when merging both I’ll have more data to work with.

Cinemagraphs from Austria Trip

Now I want to present the result. Hopefully, you will like it and it will inspire you.

The first two were made in Melk:
Cinemagraphs - Photos with Motion from Austria, Melk

Cinemagraphs - Photos with Motion from Austria, Melk

Next two were made in Salzburg. The first one is a window view from our hotel and the next one I took at Hohensalzburg Castle.Cinemagraphs - Photos with Motion from Austria, SalzburgAustria, Salzburg cinemagraph

This is the picturesque village Hallstatt:Hallstatt cinemagraph

Graz:Cinemagraphs - Photos with Motion from Austria, Graz

And the last three were taken in Vienna:Cinemagraphs - Photos with Motion from Austria, Vienna Cinemagraphs - Photos with Motion from Austria, Vienna

And here is a short video presenting all of them:

Note: all posts from the trip to Austria can be found at 11 Days in Austria.

That’s all for today and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Hello,

    there is also the possibility of the Cinema Graphs of you to acquire?
    Concretely, it is about the Hallstatt image.

    Use would be in a movie by a large Austrian companies and possibly on their website.

    best regards,

    Lena Fixl
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