The Flea Market and Merchant Fair, Haifa – Visitors Guide

You can find the Flea Market and Merchant Fair near the Sail Tower in Haifa. And Saturday morning is the best time for a visit.


The Flea Market and Merchant Fair are located at Kibbutz Galuyot Street (and nearby alleys) in Haifa.

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Opening Hours

According to the Haifa municipality’s Facebook post:

Flea Market’s opening hours:
Sunday – Friday: 9:00 – 16:00
Saturday: 06:00 – 16:00

Merchant Fair’s opening hours:
Saturday: 06:00 – 16:00

Since the Flea Market and Merchant Fair are open only on Saturdays, I prefer to visit on Saturdays. Moreover, the later you come, the hotter it gets, and fewer goods remain. Furthermore, some stores might close before 16:00. And I have seen merchants that start closing at noon. However, some merchants make price drops later in the day. Therefore, if you want something specific that might run out, visit early. And if you hope to get a good deal, arrive later (around 11:00).


I prefer parking to the northeast. For example, there is free parking on Saturdays at Natanzon Street (near the Big Mosque). Another option is parking at the port, like Kdoshei Bagdad Street. It takes around ten minutes to reach the market.

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Merchant Fair

The Merchant Fair was next to the Sail Tower during our initial visit. It was transferred back, and it is currently located in the same complex as the Flea Market.

The Merchant Fair market is not very big, but you will probably find something if you are determined.

Some people arrive early (I heard 6:00) to find bargains.

Many of the things are old junk:

The Flea Market and Merchant Fair in Haifa

But there might be something you will like.

The Flea Market and Merchant Fair in Haifa

Overall, some people love such markets, and others hate them. If you are unsure you will like it, I recommend visiting the Flea Market. And that is the next thing we did.

Flea Market

The Flea Market was a short walk away. Passing next to the Sail Tower and the Great Mosque:

The Flea Market is at Kibbutz Galuyot Street and expands to the nearby streets.

The Merchant Fair is different from the Flea Market. While at the Merchant Fair, you will see individuals selling old stuff. But at the Flea Market, many stores specialize in collecting and restoring old items. Thus, the variety is more comprehensive, and there is less junk. But, the chance of finding bargains is also lower.

Old Telephone
Old Telephone

I realize my age when I start thinking things like: “Today’s kids have no idea what it is or how to operate it”.

As you can see, we are not too far from the Sail Tower.

While visiting the market, we saw several cars like this:

Handmade carpets
Handmade carpets

No, it is not a new type of cover. These carpets are for sale. To me, these look like Azerbaijani rugs.

Note: there are public restrooms on Kibbutz Galuyot Street.

We visited all the stands and stores, and now it is time to wrap up this post. This trip took us a couple of hours, but how much it will take you depends on your interests.

The Sail Tower and the port
The Sail Tower and the port


Overall, it is worth visiting both places if you want something unique or old or love the retro style. Come early on a Saturday morning, and you will have a chance to find a bargain. Also, if you love such places, check out Jaffa Flea Market.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

For additional attractions nearby, see Haifa or browse the interactive map above.


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