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The idea to create Then and Now Photos emerged when I heard that New York Public Library added many old photo scans to the public domain. Here is a quote from their site:

On January 6, 2016, The New York Public Library enhanced access to all public domain items in Digital Collections so that everyone has the freedom to enjoy and reuse these materials in almost limitless ways.

Probably most photos there are from the US, but I decided to check if there are any from Israel. And since people from Europe and the US visited this region and took photos, I was able to find them in the New York Library’s Public Domain. So let’s start:

Then and Now Photos – Jerusalem

This still image of the Dome of the Rock was made in 1864 by Ermete Pierotti:
Then and Now Photos -1
Ermete Pierotti was an Italian engineer and archaeologist. He probably made this photograph during his job as Jerusalem city engineer.

And here is my photograph of the Dome Of The Rock:
Then and Now Photos -2It was taken several years ago.

After merging the two, we get the combined then and now:
Then and Now Photos - Jerusalem
Another photograph of Jerusalem:
Then and Now Photos Photos -4
And this is my photograph from The Ramparts Walk post:
Then and Now Photos -5
Then and Now combined photo:
Then and Now Photos - Jerusalem
When looking at this photo, you understand that not so long ago there was nothing around the old city of Jerusalem:
Then and Now Photos -7
And today there is no free space around old city walls:
Then and Now Photos -8
The combined photo:
Then and Now Photos - Jerusalem

I was also able to find some photographs of other cities in Israel:

Then and Now Photos – Jaffa

Jaffa photograph from 1894:
Then and Now Photos -10
And my recent Jaffa photograph:
Then and Now Photos -11
The result:
Then and Now Photos - Jaffa

Then and Now Photos – Acre

The White Market and Jezzar Pasha Mosque in Acre:
Then and Now Photos -13
This photograph was probably made from old Acre walls. But, today you can’t get the same view. Trees grew and buildings were constructed. So, today the best you can get from the old city walls is this:
Then and Now Photos -14
Thus, I decided to merge modern Jezzar Pasha Mosque into an old photo:
Then and Now Photos - AcreBTW, if you want to read about Acre check out Acre Guide.

Then and Now Photos – Haifa

This still imaged called “Haifa, at the foot of Mount Carmel” was taken somewhere between 1881-1884 by Sir Charles William Wilson:
Then and Now Photos -16

Sir Charles William Wilson (1836 – 1905) was a British military officer and geographer. And he’s probably most known (at least to me) for Wilson’s Arch (during 1864 when he worked at the Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem and he identified the eponymous Wilson’s Arch).

This is a photo I made about a month ago:
Then and Now Photos -17It’s Haifa, as seen from Acre port.

And this is the combined photo:
Then and Now Photos - Haifa
That’s all for today. Hope you liked Then and Now Photos and I will see you in the next posts.

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Stay Tuned! 

Additional Resources

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Did not find what you were looking for? Leave a comment below, and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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