Bethlehem of Galilee Promenade – Visitors Guide

Bethlehem of Galilee Promenade is a recently constructed promenade along Nahal Bethlehem, and it begins in Ramat Yishai.


Bethlehem of Galilee Promenade has several access points from Ramat Yishai. The first one is from Ha-Shikma Street. As you turn from road #75 to Ha-Shikma Street, you will see dirt parking to your right. But there are signs saying that this parking is only for buses and trucks belonging to the residents. Thus, instead, we drove to a nearby parking lot on Hatsavim Street. And there was a sign stating that parking is limited to two hours.

After walking for several minutes, we passed by a mall. And there were plenty of parking spaces there. Thus, I suggest driving to the parking in the following photo (behind Khelmit Street 1, Ramat Yishai).

The Mall
The Mall

The last option would be parking in the residential area (not my favorite option) near Irit Street 28. This location is about 900 meters from the beginning of the promenade.

Directions for drivers: Link to Waze and Link to Google Maps
Directions for public transport: Link to Moovit

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Interactive map of the area:


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Opening Hours

There are no gates, and you can enter at any time. But since there is no artificial light, visit only during the day.

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What is the length of the promenade?

The total length of the promenade is about 5 km. But since it does not lead to any specific point, most people go back and forth.

On our last visit, we went 3 km and then returned.

Is it suitable for baby strollers?

The promenade is paved. Thus, it is suitable for baby strollers and cycling. However, the promenade is not wide, and cycling can be problematic if there are many people.

When to visit?

There is no shade along the promenade. Therefore, visit during cooler hours of the day and appropriate seasons.

As you can see from the photos below, we visited during the winter. It was a rainy day, and we searched for a paved trail. Hence, we decided on the Bethlehem of Galilee Promenade.

Here are several photos of the promenade:

Is there mud on the trail?

One of the reasons we selected this promenade was the rain the day before and that morning. As you can see from the photos, the promenade had some mud. In some areas, the level of the paved road is lower than the fields, and in others, we saw horse traces. Thus, wear appropriate shoes.


This is a lovely paved promenade. But keep in mind there is no shade. And the thing that surprised me was that there were almost no flowers.

We sought a short family activity before brunch (and buying spices) at Derech Hatavlinim. And this places suited. But if the weather is good and there has been no rain for the last several days, I would prefer a trail in a forest, like at Alonei Abba Nature Reserve.

Since many other points of interest are nearby, you can always combine a visit with other places. You can find additional attractions on the interactive map at the top of this page.

Have you ever been to Bethlehem of Galilee Promenade? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you on future trips!

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