Meron mountain Summit Trail

Meron Mountain is located in northern Israel. At 1,208 meters above sea level, it’s one of the highest peaks in Israel.

Map of the area:

Since it’s one of the highest mountains, in some years there is even snow on top of it. And we drive to Meron mountain (instead of Hermon) to play with snow (of course if you want to ski, then you have to go to Hermon).

But this time snow wasn’t the reason for our visit. We’ve decided to make Mount Meron Summit Trail. The length of Summit Path is about 2 km and it should take around 2 hours.

The road to the summit of Meron mountain:
Meron mountain summit

We’ve made a short stop on our way to the summit and here are few shots:

Meron is Israel’s largest nature reserve. Rain is abundant at this height (as well as an occasional snowfall), ensuring a rich variety of flora and fauna. This is a pleasant and convenient site to visit throughout the year.

There is a wide choice of options for nature trails in and around Meron Park. The longer routes take in Druze villages scattered around the mountain, or springs and the ruins of formerly populated areas. But there are shorter routes too, just long enough to enjoy the feeling of being up in the clouds, walking through lush natural forests overlooking the whole of the Upper Galilee region.

From the parking lot at the summit, walk along the summit path, which skirts around the top of Mount Meron. All the way along the path follow the red signs and the stone cairns placed there by Nature and National Parks Protection Authority.

Most of the route takes you through dense forest, typically Mediterranean in character.
Meron mountain

There are several observation platforms along the route (Safed Observation Point, Lebanon Observation Point, Mountain Observation Point).

One important tip is to bring warm clothes. the higher it is the colder and windier it is.

If you get hungry there is a picnic area next to the parking.

Little leaf heart:

Towards the end of the trail:
Meron mountain
Overall it’s a short and a nice trail. Due to the height, the flora is different. And you’re feeling like in another country. Moreover, there are tables for a picnic, thus you can combine this short trail with lunch.

That’s all for today and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned! 

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