Snow at Mount Meron

This winter had unusual temperature changes. The previous weekend was hot (about 25 C) and we went to Darom Adom. In less then five days the temperature dropped to 9 C. As a result Israelis saw snow second time during this winter.

Map of the area:

If you don’t want driving to Golan Heights for snow, then your best bet is Mount Meron. At about 1,200 meters it’s second highest mountain in Israel.

Also, check out Mount Meron Summit Trail post.

We arrived pretty early (about 9:30) and there already were many people. Police blocked the entrance to the Meron Nature Reserved thus everybody parked along the road and walked to the reserve.
שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-3

This is what I saw when exited the car:
שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-4
Walking towards Mount Meron:
שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-5
View to the North:
שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-2White mountains peaks is a rare view in Israel.

The snow depth was about 10-15 cm:
שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-6שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-7שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-8
The road towards Meron’s peak:
שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-9
Snow troll?
שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-10
Many families with kids came to play:
שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-11שלג בהר מירון - Snow at Mount Meron-12
I know that almost every post I say come early. But, this was true for this event as well. By the time we went to our car, there were traffic jams all around and the closest available parking was several km away.

One of the amazing things in Israel is that despite its small territory you have both snow and desert. And if you want to visit both, it will take about two hours drive.


That’s all for today and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned! 

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