Kornmehl Farm – Goat Cheese Farm and Restaurant

Kornmehl Farm produces and sells goat cheese in the Negev desert (not far from Tlalim). And there is also a restaurant.


This farm is located south of Tlalim (intersection of roads #40 and #211). And the easiest way to reach it is by entering “Kornmehl Farm” into Waze (link to Waze).

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Interactive map of the area:


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There is free parking on the farm.

Opening Hours

Opening hours of the restaurant:

Sunday: 10:00 – 17:30 (*)
Monday – closed.
Tuesday – Thursday: 10:00 – 17:30 (*)
Friday: 10:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 17:30 (*)

(*) – the kitchen is closed at 17:00.

It is a self-service restaurant, and reservations are not required.

The restaurant at Kornmehl Farm
The restaurant at Kornmehl Farm

You can use takeaway or sit in the restaurant.


You can find the menu here.

Contact Information

Phone: 08-6555140
Email: farm@kornmehl.co.il
Website: www.kornmehl.co.il
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/KornmehlFarm.Dairy/


The restaurant and the store reside in the same building. To reach the building, follow the signs. Like this one:

Kornmehl Farm Shop and Restaurant
Kornmehl Farm Shop and Restaurant

As you enter the structure, you can purchase different types of cheese and make an order in the restaurant. And once the food is ready, they will call you.

At Kornmehl Farm

We visited Kornmehl Farm during the winter of 2022.

After exiting road #40, we drove on a dirt road for two minutes and reached the parking. By the way, from the parking, you can see Ashalim Power Station.

Ashalim Power Station
Ashalim Power Station

And when walking to the restaurant, you can see the goats in the distance.

Goats in the distance
Goats in the distance

Since we visited in the winter, we preferred hot food. We took the pizza, eggs in an island, a cheese plate, Knafeh, and drinks. The food was tasty, and we (two adults and two kids) enjoyed our meal.

Cheese shop and restaurant
Cheese shop and restaurant


Anat and Daniel Kornmehl, graduates of the Faculty of Agricultural Science, Hebrew University, established the Kornmehl farm in October 1997. Daniel Kornmehl acquired his experience as a cheese maker both in Israel and in France. Daniel places emphasis on keeping traditional values of cheese making while adapting them to the local environment, creating cheeses that are personal interpretations of classic French varieties.

Situated among magical views of the desert hills, the farm faces remnants of terraces of an ancient farm dating back to the Middle Bronze period (3000-4000 BC).

Anat and Daniel believe that the health of their goats and the quality of their milk, which is antibiotic and hormone-free, comes from the permanent attention they give to the goats living conditions and a good feed.

The goats are milked daily in the milking parlor. The milk is then transferred to the dairy that was built by the couple.

The Kornmehl restaurant opened on the Jewish New Year of 2007. The restaurant was built of repurposed train cars. The dishes are based on the variety of the farm’s cheeses according to the season.

Some of the cheeses are made especially as a high-quality raw material for the use of the restaurant’s kitchen. The development of the menu was a follow-up to house cooking, with the emphasis on using local made and fresh ingredients.

The pastry is baked daily.

Source: official website

Kornmehl Farm
Kornmehl Farm

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We visited Kornmehl Farm after a hike at Ein Avdat National Park (about a fifteen-minute drive to Sde Boker). We enjoyed our lunch. Everything was fresh and tasty.

This area has many attractions, and you can explore them using the interactive map above.

Have you visited Kornmehl Farm? Tell us in the comment below about your experience.

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