Derech Hatavlinim, Bethlehem of Galilee – Visitors Guide

Derech Hatavlinim

Derech Hatavlinim began as a spice and herb store in Bethlehem of Galilee and has expanded to include food trucks, workshops, tours, and festivals.


Derech Hatavlinim is located at Bethlehem Of Galilee near Ktofoti. To reach it, you turn right just before the entrance to this Moshav. And the most straightforward way not to get lost is by entering their name into Waze.

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Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday and Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00
Friday: 09:00 – 16:00

Is the place Kosher?

Spices, mixtures, and infusions are kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Zamir – Jezreel Valley Regional Council.

The Store

Over the years, we visited the store dozens of times. And whenever we are in the area, my wife drags me there. But what can I say? I love their smoked sweet paprika.

When you enter the Derech Hatavlinim store, you take a basket, a marker, and a stack of plastic boxes. The boxes come in three sizes: from about 200 ml to about 750 ml. When you find the spice you like, you fill one of the plastic boxes and use the marker to write the name of the spice (and maybe the preparation instructions for yourself).

The spices are arranged in categories. For example, this is a row of different spice combinations you can add to rice.

Besides spices, you can find dried fruits, Halva, olive oil, jams, wine, and kitchen accessories.

During most of our visits, only the store and restaurant operated. But sometimes, they offer additional activities (mostly tours) on holidays, such as the annual paprika festival.

Food Trucks

The business is growing, and their restaurant has become a place that serves breakfasts. It offers sandwiches, pizzas, and pastries. And at noon, a food truck that sells burgers opens. There is also a food truck that provides beers in the evenings.

We ate at both places (pizzas and burgers), and the food was tasty. But the waiting time and the lines can be long. Moreover, they are still not very organized (February 2024).

Other Vendors

During our visits in 2021, we started seeing a new small shop near the entrance to Derech Hatavlinim.

Tirosh Olive Oil
Tirosh Olive Oil

They mainly sell olive oil, but there are other products as well.

Events and Workshops

Check out the official site if you are interested in tours and workshops. We participated several times in the Paprika Festival, and it was lovely.

Paprika, Derech Hatavlinim

Moreover, we joined short tours several times. Usually, they take you out into the nearby fields and tell you about different spices and their usage and healing capabilities. Excellent and free half-hour tours. Here is the Lavender that I shot during one of the journeys.

About Derech Hatavlinim

The Cytrexpiler family has been growing spice for more than 50 years. Avi Tsitershpiler, the owner of the farm, has absorbed the values ​​of agriculture, landscape, nature, and man since childhood, growing up and growing spice with his father Zvi, one of the pioneers of the spice industry in Israel. After his military service in the Faculty of Agriculture and later in Naturoptia, Avi Zitershpiler has been continuously growing, processing, producing, and marketing spices and herbs in Israel and around the world.

Note: unless stated otherwise, all quotes were taken from the official site.

The Beginning

In 2003 he decided to realize his dream and spread the vision of spice to every home in Israel. This is how the Spice Road Farm was born, a unique tourist concept of a visitor center for the world of spices and medicinal plants. The farm serves as a visitors’ center for private and group audiences and an educational center for all franchise stores and business customers. The concept invites the visitor to powerful and exciting senses, and colors experience in the form of an open market of hundreds of spices and herbs – the largest farm store in Israel for this subject.

And here is a video in Hebrew where Avi tells about the farm:

What can you find at Derech Hatavlinim?

Derech Hatavlinim expanded, and beyond the original place in Bethlehem Of Galilee, there are stores in Israel and abroad.

The spice vision has expanded to 8 spice shops that operate throughout the country and serve as a tool for spreading the fragrance and its causes … and as another way to spread the spice vision and to expose to a wide audience their qualities and their ability to create a season of seasoning for benefit and health in our lives. In 2012, the spice vision expanded beyond the borders of Israel, and there are collaborations in England, Germany, and the United States.

Besides the physical stores, they also have an online store. And their space at Bethlehem Of Galilee has grown beyond a store, and now it is a visitor center. You can visit the store and the restaurant, join workshops, tour the nearby spice fields, and participate in festivals.

Abramovich Honey

If you love honey, then I can recommend a nearby place. In Alonei Aba, you can find a small store called Abramovich Honey. They sell several different types of honey, and after visiting Derech Hatavlinim, we usually stop there.

Abramovich Honey
Abramovich Honey

To reach Abramovich Honey, you enter Alonei Aba and drive straight to Waldheim Protestant Church. You turn left at the church and continue with the road until you reach the store. I also marked it on the map at the beginning of this post.


If you love spices, herbs, or teas, then Derech Hatavlinim is your place. They have a wide variety of products with suggested recipes.

Moreover, check if there are workshops or festivals soon. And I would recommend combining this visit with nearby attractions in Bethlehem Of Galilee.

Note: if you love agrotourism, then check out the agrotourism category. And if you are looking for additional nearby attractions, browse the map at the top of this post or see Bethlehem Of Galilee.

Have you ever been to Derech Hatavlinim? Tell us in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you on future trips!

Stay Tuned!


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  1. I’m trying to buy some tea I got in one of my Artza boxes from but I can’t get through to the website to buy the tea. It’s fantastic tea. Pomegranate fruit & herbal infusion tea. You said there was a store in the USA, do you have the contact info? Any info will help. Thanks, Glynda O’BRYAN.

    1. Hi Glynda,
      I have rechecked the official site and it says they cooperate with others in the USA. Unfortunately, there is no contact info.
      You can contact them directly at and ask at which stores you can find their products.


  2. I want to buy more of your Za’atar blend. I live in US. Can you help/. I have tried other brands and they are hard and dry. Yours is the BEST and i use it feegqently.

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