Jerusalem Biblical Zoo (official site) as the name suggests is located in Jerusalem. And it is one of the few attractions that are open on Saturday in Jerusalem.

My thoughts about Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

It’s probably my favorite zoo in Israel, and that’s because:

  1. It’s located in Jerusalem, thus: it’s a little cooler there, and the people are different.
  2. Pricing strategy: pricing is very simple – 50 55 NIS per adult. There are no deals, coupons or whatsoever (at least I haven’t found such). Thus you don’t waste time on searching and printing. And you don’t feel cheated since everybody pays the same. Safari Ramat Gan has the opposite pricing strategy. The spontaneous visitor will pay 67nis and if you belong to various clubs or find good deals/coupons than you can pay as low as 20 NIS per visit.
  3. Within regular working hours, there are short explanation sessions. You can use the timetable given on entrance and visit such an event. For example, we went to bear feeding. There was a short explanation, about 10min and then the feeding itself. Total of 20-25 min. The explanations are nice, and you always learn something new. And the bears are active (usually when it is hot, they will lie in the shade somewhere in the back, and you can barely see them).
    Safari has something similar (morning tour at Safari Ramat Gan), but it’s special pre-ordered tours and for an extra price.
  4. In many cases, there is no steel fence between you and the animals. For example, you are walking above the animals. It allows for a clear view and better photographs ๐Ÿ™‚

The downside is that the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo opens only at 9 am. In summer at 9 am it’s already quite hot. But, most attractions in Israel opened only at 9/10am.

Map of the area:

At Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

We started our visit with the Penguins. Penguins in Israel? When most people think about Penguins, they think Antarctica. Though most penguin species are native to the Southern Hemisphere, they are not found only in cold climates. In fact, only a few species of penguin live in the far south. For example, the Galapagos penguin lives near the equator.Penguins in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Parrots:Parrots in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Bear Feeding

As I mentioned we went to bear feeding. Thus, the bears were active and searched for food.Bears in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Where did you hide it?Bears in Jerusalem Biblical ZooBearBearBear

And after the feast, they started …BearsNot sure what those parents telling the toddlers ๐Ÿ˜‰


And if there is no food involved, then high chances that you will find animals in the following state ๐Ÿ™‚Sleeping monkeys in Jerusalem Biblical ZooSleeping monkey in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
But sometimes they get up for a drink:Monkeys in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

And then I can get this:Monkeys in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Elephant Workout

Later, we went to an elephant workout. The next photo was taken actually before the workout. They let each elephant to splash some water and to play with a tire.Elephant in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Playing elephant in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo:Elephant playing in Jerusalem Biblical ZooElephant playing in Jerusalem Biblical ZooElephant in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Elephant in Jerusalem Biblical ZooElephant in Jerusalem Biblical ZooElephants in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

At this point, they started to show their daily routine. As it turns out, elephants in the wild walk 20-30km a day. And they need to walk such distances in order to be healthy. Each day before the zoo opens for visitors, the elephants with their trainers walk around its premises.

When they are walking around the zoo they are holding “hands” in the following manner:Elephants in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Also, there is a daily health inspection. Checking mouth internals for diseases.Elephant in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Checking all feet:Elephant in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
And what about back legs?Elephant in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
As it turns out, it’s very hard for elephants to lie down. Not all elephants can do this:Elephant in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Ooo, right there:Elephant in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

And in the end, some more exercising, like: walking, moving weights…Elephants in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The Wooden Bridge

Then we reached the wooden bridge. The bridge is about 1km long and you walk above the animals.In Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Rhino taking a mud bath:Rhino in Jerusalem Biblical ZooRhino in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Hey, maybe you’ll throw some food down here?Oyster in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The bridge has some viewpoints, and here is one of them:In Jerusalem Biblical ZooRhino in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Submarine:In Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

At this point, out time was nearly out (almost my daughter’s nap time), so we headed towards the exit.In Jerusalem Biblical ZooIn Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

This man was hypnotized for several minutes, I wonder whether they have special powers ๐Ÿ˜‰In Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Flamingos:Flamingos in Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

2017 Update

A year later we returned to Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. And as in previous visits started at bear feeding.Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

Note how the bears using the back side of their palm as a plate.Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

Then we went to visit the parrots.Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

And here we saw something similar to Gan Garoo. You can feed the parrots. But, unlike to Gan Garoo, it wasn’t free. Feeding nectar drink costs several Shekels.

Feeding one of the parrots:Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

Lion Workout

One of the reasons for returning to different attractions is the pass of time. Not only the attraction change but also as kids grow older and you get to see more. And this year, my daughter definitely had more stamina and we saw more.

One of the additional things we saw was the lion workout. Not sure if exercise is the best word, but it was some entertainment for the lions.

The young lioness walked along the glass but the two other and older lions lied in the shade.Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

So they lowered this kind of a rope for the lion to play with.Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

You can also see a carton box they threw in. A special feromone which lion loves was added to the box. So after he finished playing with the rope, he lay on the box and started twisting on it.Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

Chimpanzee Feeding

Another event that we visited this time was Chimpanzee Feeding. But they were not cooperative and turned their backs.Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

Visiting the birds of prey:Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

Elephant Training

As in previous visits, we went to Elephant Training. They still have three elephants there, but since one of them is quite old and has vision problems, only two were training.

Going hand in hand, sorry trunk to tail.
Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel
Regular checkups:Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

And all feet are checked as well.Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

We visited many more animals but one of my favorite photos from that day is the chameleon one:Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

And here is a map of Jerusalem Zoo:Visiting Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, Israel

For now, my opinion hasn’t changed, it is still one of the best zoos in Israel. If you love animals, then it should be on your TODO list.


That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed this visit to Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

Stay Tuned!


For additional points of interest nearby check out Jerusalem page.

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