Sunset on Achziv Beach, Israel

Time-lapse videos of Israel

Let’s start with a short video of Driving in Israel. It is a time-lapse that squeezed an hour and a quarter drive to 30 seconds video.

What is Time-lapse?

I have made this video using GoPro 3 silver edition. It is not a regular video. It is a time-lapse. Time-lapse is when you take a photo each X seconds (as far as I remember, it was every 20sec) and then stitch them into a video. This allows you to speed up events and show a long process in a short amount of time. This “Driving in Israel” squeezed an hour and a quarter drive to 30 seconds.

The drive is from the center of Israel to the North (Krayot). Most of the route is on-road #2 (Kvish ha Hof), Carmel tunnels, and on-road #23 (Okef Krayot).

Next time I should wash the windows before making time-lapse 😉

Here is another time-lapse example that I took during sunset at Achziv beach:

Types of Time-lapses

There are two types of time-lapses:

  • amount of light doesn’t change during the shoot – in these cases, you put the camera into manual and don’t change anything during the whole shoot.
  • sunset/sunrise – is also called the “holy grail” of time lapses. You have to photograph manually to make exposure changes smooth (no flickering). And during the shoot, adjust shutter time (aperture must remain constant). Later on, you will need dedicated software that can make the transitions smooth beyond basic stitching.

The time-lapses above belong to the first type and can be made in-camera. For example, the sunset at Achziv beach time-lapse was made using GoPro time-lapse mode. And the result is exactly what I got from the camera (without manual editing). But, of course, the best results can be reached only using manual editing.

If you are interested in time-lapse or similar videos, check out Hyperlapse of Bahai Gardens in Haifa and Stop Motion. And if you have any questions \ requests \ comments then leave a comment in the section below.

Additional Resources

Here are several resources that I created to help travelers:


Are you looking for additional information? Leave a comment below, and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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