The Black Waterfall, Golan Heights – Visitors Guide

The Black Waterfall

The Black Waterfall is a track in the El Al Stream Nature Reserve. It is a medium-difficulty trail with water near Avnei Eitan.


The Black Waterfall is located on Golan Heights near Avnei Eitan. The easiest way to reach it is by entering “El Al Stream Black Waterfall” into Waze.

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Interactive map of the area:


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Here is a map of El Al Stream Nature Reserve:

Map of El Al Stream Nature Reserve
Map of El Al Stream Nature Reserve


  • You can click on the map to enlarge it.
  • On the map above, the trail is marked in red squares. There are several alternatives to this track. You can find additional details in the trails section below.


Free parking. We parked at the Black Waterfall parking near Avnei Eitan during our latest visit.

Opening Hours

The sign at the start of the trail says: “Do not remain in the reserve at night.” Thus, visit only during the day.

El Al Stream Nature Reserve
El Al Stream Nature Reserve

Here is a list of several other restrictions:

  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • Rappelling and cliff climbing are not allowed.
  • Carry three liters of water per person per day.
  • Flooding is a danger in winter, spring, and fall. Follow weather reports and do not walk in the streambeds or cross them in cloudy weather. Moreover, the stones become slippery after rain. Hence, this trail is not suited for rainy days.
  • No fires allowed.
  • Do not sit near stone walls for fear of stone deterioration.

Entrance Fee



As you can see from the El Al Stream Nature Reserve map, there is one long trail. And you can either make the whole track or take parts of it.

Here is an interactive map from where the hiking trails are marked:

Here are the details of the marked trails:

#NameColor of the Trail on the Map aboveDescriptionDistance (km)Total climb and descent (meters)Notes
1The Black WaterfallBlueThis section of the red trail starts near Avnei Eitan. It descends to the valley and to the waterfall. Then, you can return to the starting point using the same path.1.44120Though not long, due to the steep descent, reaching the black waterfall took us 40 minutes.
2The White WaterfallRedThis section of the red trail starts near Avnei Eitan. It descends to the valley and the waterfall. Then, you can return to the starting point using the same path.4.65320Not suitable for baby carriages.
3Both WaterfallGreenStart by Avnei Eitan, then visit the black and the white waterfalls, and end at Eliad.4.63311You can return to Avnei Eitan using the cycling trail on the ridge’s edge. It will add 4.5 km and take about 60 minutes.

El Al Stream Nature Reserve

You have arrived at the Nahal El Al Reserve, covering 3,000 dunams. Nahal El Al has water all year round. The reserve wears a green “dress” in winter, studded with colorful seasonal flowers. In the summer, visitors enjoy a flowing stream with two beautiful waterfalls, pools, and rivulets decorated with plants
banks and aquatic plants.

Nahal El Al, whose name in Arabic is “Wad Dufila,” is the southernmost all-year flowing stream in the Golan.

The El Al nature reserve stretches from Moshav Eliad to Moshav Avni Eitan. The stream passes through the reserve in a deep canyon and creates two waterfalls at the foot, with pools of cool water: “The White Waterfall” – a 14-meter-high limestone rock waterfall, and the “Black Waterfall” – a towering basalt waterfall to a height of 8 meters. Nahal El Al joins the Samach stream, which flows into the Sea of ​​Galilee.

Source: sign

El Al Stream Nature Reserve
El Al Stream Nature Reserve

The Black Waterfall Trail

Here are several photos from the black waterfall trail:


There are several trails at El Al Stream Nature Reserve: the black waterfall, the white waterfall, and both. These trails are defined as medium difficulty. Beside descends with big rocks, there is at least one place with metal steps and ladders. Thus, this track suits only older children.

You can find additional attractions on the interactive map at the top of this page.

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