HaTachana Compound, Tel Aviv – Renovated Old Train Station

HaTachana Compound

HaTachana compound is a renovated old train station in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. In this complex, you can find restaurants and stores.


HaTachana compound is located in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv. The parking address is Kaufmann Street 65, but the entrance to the parking lot is from HaMered Street. There is no street number. Thus I will describe the directions. From Kaufmann Street, turn right to HaMered Street, and after about ten meters, you will see the parking sign to your right. Turn to the right to enter the parking lot.

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Directions for public transport: Link to Moovit

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Interactive map of the area:


  • Hotels, hostels, and apartments in this area:

And here is a map of this compound.

Map of HaTachana Compound
Map of HaTachana Compound

Note: you can click on the map to enlarge it.

And here is a more recent map (August 2022) in Hebrew. In the upper left corner, you can see the new underground station.

Map of HaTachana Compound
Map of HaTachana Compound


As I mentioned above, the entrance to HaTachana compound parking is from HaMered Street. The parking lot is open 24×7. And the price is 24 NIS for 24 hours.

You can see if the parking lot has free places here.

Note: 75% discount for Tel Aviv residents.

Bicycle Rental

If you are using Tel-O-Fun bicycle rental, you will be glad to know that there is a rental station near the entrance.

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 10:00 – 21:00
Friday: 10:00 – 15:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 22:00

What Can You Find at HaTachana Compound?

In this complex, you can find stores, restaurants, original train station buildings, and railcars. So let’s start with what restaurants are there.


At this compound, you can find the following restaurants:

NameDescriptionScore on Google
Regina (https://reginarest.co.il/)Serves traditional kosher dishes4.1 based on 2,207 reviews
Tash and Tasha (https://www.tashandtasha.com/)Modern Georgian restaurant4.3 based on 1,497 reviews
Italian in the station (https://www.italiantlv.co.il/)Offers Southern Italian dished3.7 based on 1,874 reviews
Vicky Cristina (https://www.vicky-cristina.co.il/)Tapas and wine bar4.2 based on 2,423 reviews

Note: the table above was updated in September 2021.


One of the benefits of this complex is that kids can run and explore while sitting in a restaurant.

Restaurants at HaTachana Compound
Restaurants at HaTachana Compound


There is a variety of stores at the HaTachana compound. There are fashion, design, beauty, art, and music. Moreover, sometimes during holidays, there is a market inside this complex. For an updated list, visit the official site.


The compound has two restrooms, one near building #5 and another at building #17.


Events and Festivals

You can find different events at the HaTachana compound, whether Yoga at sunset or a rock concert on Saturday. The updated list appears on the official site.

Besides these events, there is also a music club called Terminal 4.

Terminal 4 is a music and performance club established in the old cargo terminal of the Ottoman train station in Jaffa. The building was built in 1892 as part of the Jaffa railway station complex to store goods that arrived mainly from Jaffa port and were sent to Jerusalem. The building is adorned with large wooden doors and along it the railroad tracks from which the goods were unloaded into the building. The Music Club Terminal 4 was built in the fourth building, which served as the cargo terminal while preserving the historic structure and its unique character.

Source: official site

And lastly, I want to mention that during holidays and on Saturdays you can sometimes meet street performers.

Magician at HaTachana Compound
Magician at HaTachana Compound


This train station was a part of the Jaffa – Jerusalem line, which operated from 1892 to 1948. It was the first railway line between Little Asia and Egypt.

A train station on the Jaffa – Jerusalem line, located between the seashore and the Neveh Zedek neighborhood, operated from 1892 to 1948. That was the first railway line between Little Asia and Egypt and the first means of transportation to replace the camel as the mode of transport for heavy loads taken over long distances.

The idea to establish this railway was first proposed in the 1830s by Moshe Montefiore, who was interested in developing modern industry in the Land of Israel but ran into difficulties about the transport of machinery and raw materials.

At the end of a long process that entailed a combination of entrepreneurship, vision, and international politics, in 1888 Turkish Sultan Abed el-Hamid granted the license to Yossef Navon, who was able to raise the necessary capital from Europe to lay the tracks and build the stations.

It took two years to execute the large railway construction project, and its completion heralded the beginning of the age of modern transportation in the Land of Israel.
In 1900, Templar Hugo Wieland returned from Germany to the Land of Israel moved to his home near the train station, building his tile and brick factory alongside. This proximity to the railway allowed Wieland to transport his products efficiently to the Jaffa Port, where they were loaded onto ships and sent overseas.

The number of passengers increased over the years, and in 1913, on the eve of WWI, some 183,000 passengers journeyed through the station. The Jaffa station operated on a regular basis almost to the eve of the War of Independence in 1948.

Note: unless stated otherwise, all quotes were taken from the official site

Also, in this compound, several remains with explanation signs exist.

Railcar for Readers

A new initiative was introduced recently – a small railcar library.

You are invited to browse the shelves of our library, choose a book that’s just right for you, in any language you might want and whatever genre appeals to you, and find a quiet corner to read. Just don’t forget to put it back when you are done. Other visitors might also like to read something.

Railcar for Readers
Railcar for Readers

Nearby Attractions

In the following image, you can see Saint Peter’s Church in Jaffa. And it is only one of the nearby attractions.

View toward Old Jaffa
View toward Old Jaffa

Here is a list of popular nearby places:

You can browse the interactive map at the top of this post for other places.


Over the years, I visited the HaTachana compound dozens of times. But the complex itself was rarely the final destination. Since there is parking and restrooms, this was usually the starting and ending point of trips to nearby areas. Therefore, if you are not attending an event, I suggest combining a visit to the HaTachana compound with one of the nearby attractions mentioned.

Have you ever been to the HaTachana compound? Tell us in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I’ll see you in future travels!

Stay Tuned!

For additional points of interest nearby, see Tel Aviv-Yafo.


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