Haifa Downtown

On a Saturday morning, we have decided to take a stroll in Haifa Downtown. Join us as we walk by Sail Tower, Istiqlal Mosque, port, Bahai Gardens, and others.

I wanted to photograph downtown for quite some time, so we headed there. Most of this trip is along Sderot HaPalyam Street, from the HaMifras House (the Sail Tower) to Sderot Ben Gurion with a view over Bahai Gardens.

Map of the area:

Haifa Downtown, located 2 minutes walk from Haifa Port, was built in the mid 18th century. As years passed, the coastal strip has developed into a harbor, and the city became the area’s thriving commerce center. During the British Mandate, the downtown area had significant economic momentum. The modern seaport, launched in 1933, has become the entrance gate for numerous Jewish immigrants and an anchor for international corporations. With Israel’s establishment, commercial and residential areas have migrated towards the higher neighborhoods of the city, while the downtown has begun to fade away.

Fifty years later, a new era has started to blossom with the launch of the unique urban rehabilitation project, which is taking its shape nowadays. Planned by Haifa Municipality, the downtown area will be transformed into a lively student-centered compound, combining cultural life, entertainment, and commerce. You are invited to meet the colorful people and to soak in the special atmosphere that downtown Haifa offers to its guests.

Source: downtown.co.il

A small monastery on Sderot HaPalyam 8:
Haifa Downtown

The Sail Tower:Sail tower at Haifa Downtown

The name of the tower comes due to its form. However, I heard the unofficial name: corn tower. It is a skyscraper and a government building. It has 29 floors and stands at 137 m (405 ft). Counting antennas, it is still the tallest building in Haifa.

If you stand next to the tower, then you can see Haifa port:
Haifa Downtown and port

Istiqlal Mosque at Haifa Downtown:
Istiqlal Mosque

It was built in 1926. It is located at the crossing between Kibbutz Galuyot St. and Pal-Yam Blvd. The late Egyptian president Anwar A-Sadat paid a visit to this mosque and prayed in it during his visit to Haifa in 1979.
Haifa DowntownHaifa port

The same monastery from above between skyscrapers:
Haifa Downtown

View of Bahai Gardens:
Haifa Bahai gardensHaifa Bahai gardensThat’s it for today, see you in future posts.

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