Best Hotels in Eilat (including category, rating, and price)

This page lists Eilat’s best cheap, luxury, and regular hotels. You can also find answers to the most common questions.

Note: I photographed the featured photo during an evening walk in Eilat. And it is a photo of the Queen of Sheba Eilat hotel.

Before going over the best hotels, let’s answer several common questions.

What is the best time to visit Eilat?

You can visit Eilat all year round, but it gets boiling in the summer and is expensive during the Jewish holidays. Hence, I usually prefer visiting from October to April, not during Hanukkah or Passover.

Note: you can find additional information about the weather in Eilat below.

If you plan to visit other areas in the country, see: What is the Best Time to visit Israel?

What is the best area to stay in Eilat?

Eilat is not a big city, and it does not matter where to stay if you have a car. If you are traveling without a car, I suggest staying in one of the neighborhoods near the city center and the north beach. Examples: Hotels Zone, Merkaz, Tsofit, and Amdar.

There are also hotels near the west shore, but they are located outside the city. You can stay there if the main goal of your trip is snorkeling or scuba diving. But remember, you will have limited options (very few stores and restaurants) near the hotel.

Note: the tables below list neighborhood names or West Shore.

In the following three sections, we will go over the best luxury, regular and cheap hotels.

Best Luxury Hotels in Eilat

NameRating on Booking.comAvg Price for one night for a coupleLocationProperty Type
Royal Beach Eilat by Isrotel Exclusive91,768North Beach - Hotels Zone5-star hotel
Herods Vitalis Spa Hotel Eilat a Premium collection by Fattal Hotels8.91,700North Beach - Hotels Zone5-star hotel
U Coral Beach Club Eilat - Ultra All inclusive9.31,150Almog Beach (West Shore)Hotel
Leonardo Privilege Eilat Hotel - All inclusive8.21,140North Beach - Hotels ZoneHotel
Aria8.71,055Merkaz5-star hotel
Dan Eilat Hotel8.91,050North Beach - Hotels Zone5-star hotel
Queen of Sheba Eilat8.21,002North Beach - Hotels Zone5-star hotel
U Splash Resort Eilat8.7930Kibbutz Eilot, near EilatHotel
Herods Palace Hotels & Spa Eilat a Premium collection by Fattal Hotels8.5980North Beach - Hotels Zone5-star hotel
Herods Boutique Eilat a Premium collection by Fattal Hotels8.7950North Beach - Hotels Zone5-star hotel

Notes to all tables:

  • You can filter and sort the table by values.
  • The price column only gives an estimation and might differ from actual rates. Prices were calculated based on December rates (checking about a month in advance). The price is an average of three weekdays for a couple.
  • See the location column to see the neighborhood name if it is located within the city or West Shore otherwise.
  • All the tables on this page contain only hotels with ratings of 8+ on (and at least fifty reviews).
  • The tables contain affiliate links to

Best Hotels in Eilat

NameRating on Booking.comAvg Price for one night for a coupleLocationProperty Type
Abraham Eilat8.7313MerkazHotel
Stay Eilat - Adults Only8.7314MerkazHotel
Riviera Club by Isrotel Collection8.1316North Beach - Hotels Zone3-star hotel
Central Park Hotel8.4370MerkazHotel
Club In Eilat - Coral Beach Villa Resort8.1375West ShoreHotel
Almogim Suites Eilat8.3382Ye'elimCondo Hotel
Club Hotel Eilat - All Suites Hotel8.2415Amdar5-star hotel
Eilot Kibbutz Country Lodging8.3420Kibbutz Eilot, near EilatHotel
Palms Hotel Eilat - a member of Brown Hotels8.2500MerkazHotel
Caesar Premier Eilat Hotel8.1630North Beach - Hotels ZoneHotel
King Solomon by Isrotel Collection8.2698North Beach - Hotels Zone5-star hotel
Brown Eilat a member of Brown Hotels8.8700North Beach - Hotels ZoneHotel
The Reef Eilat Hotel by Herbert Samuel8.7709West ShoreHotel
Dan Panorama Eilat8.5750North Beach - Hotels ZoneHotel
Neptune Eilat By Dan Hotels8.5750North Beach - Hotels ZoneHotel
Royal Garden by Isrotel Collection8.5758North Beach - Hotels Zone5-star hotel
Agamim by Isrotel Collection8.7778North Beach - Hotels Zone4-star hotel
Vert Hotel Eilat8.4850North Beach - Hotels ZoneHotel
Lagoona by Isrotel Collection8.7918North Beach - Hotels Zone4-star hotel
NOW-VX adults only9936North Beach - Hotels ZoneHotel
Sport Club by Isrotel Collection8.5948North Beach - Hotels Zone4-star hotel

Best Cheap Hotels in Eilat

If you are looking for the cheapest solution, I suggest including apartments, guesthouses, and hostels in the search. Here are the best ten cheap hotels and flats in Eilat. The first six are hostels, guesthouses, and apartments. And the last four are hotels.

From my experience, including other property types is especially important for families. For example, on one of our visits to Eilat, we booked a four-room apartment at a third of the hotel’s room price.

NameRating on Booking.comAvg Price for one night for a coupleLocationProperty Type
Flintstone Guest House-heated swimming pool9185Rova 4Guesthouse
Orel's Ground floor Apartment9187OfirApartments
Little Prince Hostel8198TsofitHostel
Boutique and garden apartments in Hawaii complex by YalaRent - Families only9205Bene BeitechaApartments
Abraham Eilat9313MerkazHotel
Stay Eilat - Adults Only9314MerkazHotel
Riviera Club by Isrotel Collection8316North Beach - Hotels Zone3-star hotel
Central Park Hotel8370MerkazHotel

Annual Weather in Eilat

Monthly Average Amount of Rain

Here is the monthly average amount of precipitation:

Monthly Average Amount of Rain (mm)
Monthly Average Amount of Rain (mm)

As you can see, there is almost no rain in Eilat. Thus, you can visit the city all year round.


And now, let’s look at the temperature:

Average Daily Temperature
Average Daily Temperature

The red curve shows temperatures in Eilat. And on average, the temperature will be above 30 degrees C from June to September.

Note: see Events and Festivals in Israel to find out more about where I collected this data.

Water Temperature in Eilat

Here is the 2020-2021 average water temperature in Eilat (source):

Water Temperature in Eilat
Water Temperature in Eilat

The brave can swim in the sea year-round. Most Israeli will not go into the water when the temperature is less than 25 degrees C. I swam in the Red sea in December. It was cold initially, but you got used to it after a few minutes.

Best Things to Do in Eilat

You can find information about attractions in the guide to Eilat. Moreover, you can find additional travel ideas at Visiting Eilat During the Winter. And here is the map of the area with attractions and links to relevant articles:

Best Hotels Series

Additional related articles:


Additional Resources

Here are several resources that I created to help travelers: And if you have any questions then check out Useful Information For Tourists To Israel.  
Did not find what you were looking for? Leave a comment below, and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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