Attractions Map

This page allows you to search for places by their geographical location. Thus, if you to go to a certain location you can easily see what’s else there.

When clicking on a location (either in legend or on the map) you will see its description. Inside the description, I’ve put a hyperlink to the relevant post. This way you can see photos/videos/description of that place.

Map icons
Green tree – agricultural tourism (harvesting/gardens/hiking…).
Green horse – zoo, safari or other animal related attraction.
Note – Concert
Binoculars – view point
Cart – Shop/Mall
Two orange faces – usually stand for theater, but in some cases, it also represents shows and exhibitions.
Red markings – none of the above, i.e. all the rest. Usually city walks, national parks and so on.

Note: you can view the map full screen by pressing the frame icon at the right-top of the map.