Treasures in the Walls Museum, Acre – Full Guide

Treasures In The Walls Museum

Treasures in The Walls is an ethnographic museum in Acre. And it is located literally inside the old city wall.


Old Acre is the old part of the modern city of Acre. And Treasures in the Walls Museum, like many other tourist attractions, is located within the Old City of Acre.

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Interactive map of the area:


  • Hotels, hostels, and apartments in this area:
Akko - Old City Map
Akko – Old City Map


  • In the map above, the Treasures In The Walls Museum is marked under number #4 (at the top right corner).
  • You can click on the map to enlarge it.


The easiest way to find this museum is to walk towards the land gate (#2 on the map). And about twenty meters before exiting the old city, you will see this inclined road to your left.

Old Acre walls
Old Acre walls

Once you climb to the top of the wall, you will spot the entrance.

Old Acre Development Company

Most touristic sites in the city belong to Old Acre Development Company (official site). That allows them to sell combined tickets to various attractions in the city and outside.

The sites under their management are Hospitaller Fortress, Okashi Art Museum, Turkish Bath, Templar Tunnel, Visitors Center (near the Hospitaller Fortress), Treasures In The Walls Museum, and Ramchal Synagogue.

Opening Hours

Sites managed by Old Acre Development Company are open seven days a week.
Sunday – Thursday and Saturday: 9:00 – 18:00 (till 17:00 in winter).
Friday and holiday eve: 9:00 – 16:00


  • Winter time is November – March.
  • Ramchal Synagogue is closed on Saturdays and holidays.

Entrance Fee

The basic combined ticket includes Hospitaller Fortress, Turkish Bath, The Okashi Museum, Templar Tunnel, the Treasures in the Walls Museum, and Ramchal Synagogue. It costs 49 NIS per person. On top of the basic combination, you can add additional sites like Rosh Hanikra, Haypark zoo, and others. So there is a variety of combo tickets.

Note: opening hours and ticket prices were updated in January 2023. In any case, recheck the official site before visiting.

Old Akko price list (2020)
Old Akko price list (2020)


I revisited Akko in August 2019 and used this coupon for that visit. It allows purchasing the basic combined ticket with and without the Turkish Bath at a 15% and 18% discount, respectively. I bought it through their site and received an SMS and an email with an order number. Then I told this number to the cashier at Hospitaller Fortress and received the tickets. Moreover, since coupon processing is fast, you can probably purchase through it on-site (but keep in mind there is a delay risk).


Ethnographic Museum “Treasures in the Walls”.

The museum is located inside the north-eastern walls of old Acre.

The walls were initially built by the Ottoman ruler of the area Ahmed Al-Jazzar Pasha after Napoleon’s attempt to conquer the city in-1779. The commander’s tower “Burge-el-commander” is divided into arched halls which were used to hold the Ottomans garrison and now hold a beautiful and rare collection which gives an insight into the fabric of life in the Galilee during the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

Objects on display have been collected over many years by the collectors Dan Hortman and Michael Luria. The left-wing is a reconstruction of old market stores and old craft workshops such as hat maker’s, leather maker’s, carpenter’s, woodmaker’s, blacksmith’s and an old pharmacy.

These are only some of the craftsmen you will meet during your visit to the market.

The right-wing includes furniture, vessels, clocks, locks and other collected items from the past.

The historic building includes a unique atmosphere that adds to the visitor’s enjoyment of the wide variety of articles on display.

Source: official site

Entrance Sign
Entrance Sign

Inside the Museum

And now, let’s start touring the museum.

Treasures in the Walls Museum holds several rooms with antique furniture like this:

There are also many antique items and decorated kitchenware.

Treasures In The Walls Museum, Old Acre, Old Acre

More furniture:

Treasures In The Walls Museum, Akko

That is quite an impressive clock. I have seen watches with Hebrew letters instead of numbers, but this one also has the signs of the twelve tribes of Israel:

You can also find different craftsmen’s corners. You can see these craftsmen’s tools and other items in this area.

The pre-washing machine era:

Treasures In The Walls Museum, Acre


Treasures in the Walls Museum is a lovely small place. The time you spend inside depends on your age and your nostalgia. The average duration of my previous visits is about one hour. And I should also note that this museum has almost no explanations.

And for additional sites in the city, check out the Acre guide.

Have you ever been to the Treasures In The Walls Museum? Tell us in the comments below.

That’s all for today, and I will see you in future travels!

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